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Received my NZ a few hours ago. Was supposed to arrive next Tuesday but got a pleasant surprise today. I have been playing around with it and ran some old beans through it to see it working. So far everything looks great. Will start dialing in tomorrow and see how it does.

I have a Breville Barista Express, so have been using the built in grinder, which, by all accounts, isn't great. My main concern with getting the NZ was that the Breville portafilter is 54mm, so I can't use the dosing cup to directly flip into the portafilter. However, a few months ago, when I started using WDT, I got a funnel for the portafilter, that locks onto the portafilter. I was hoping that the few extra mm that the funnel fans out would allow me to flip directly from the dosing cup. Was excited to find out that it works great. For anyone else with a 54mm portafilter, the funnel can be found at ... C60&sr=1-4

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Skip the cup.
Grind directly into the PF with the funnel.
Make a sweep to level.

WDT if nec.


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OK, gotta love that photo!


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Does anyone have a few affordable suggestions for little glass tubes or the like to pre-dose? I have seen a few examples but are really expensive for what they are! Like lil glass vials with cork lids.


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I've got a set of the frosted plastic LW bean vaults and a DIY rack that I don't use. It's been "Sold" several times but, for some reason the deal never goes through.

PM me if you are interested in them.

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Don't know whether the RIMFORSA spice jars are still available in your IKEA stores? If so, they are kinda practical for coffee - just a bit big if you are using them for espresso. They look nice though. I use them for keeping beans for brew coffee, so at least 35g or so in every container. I guess it would be possible to just glue a wine cork or two to the bottom of the wood lid if you want less air trapped in the container.

Here is one page with pics. People did a lot of mods with these glasses.
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LewBK wrote:Today I was using the grinder and noticed some wobble and that the NFC disk on the top was coming loose. I tightened the bolt on the top and it seems fine. Have others had this experience?
Happens sometimes to me as well. Others have suggested the chopstick method, but I have been reasonably successful with just using my finger to hold the disc in place. Just need to tighten it pretty hard and it will hold.


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If that bolt comes loose it's a good time to clean everything. If it was loose enough you can get coffee under the wiper. It's not a huge deal but you might as well take the opportunity to clean it out as it's very easy.


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For those who are looking at getting a Niche (and made it this far into the thread), I wanted to give an update on lead times.

I placed my first order on Jan 22 - just a couple of hours after they stock for Feb was sold through. In the end, due to an error with my credit card (my fault, I used the wrong one), I ended up placing a new order on 1/24 (and there had been MANY more orders over that weekend, in between the two). FWIW, Niche Customer Support was fantastic.

My order was supposed to ship out sometime in March. Given what I was told, I was hoping for the first half of the month but I knew there were no guarantees. So, imagine my surprise when I received a shipping notification on 2/16 with a delivery date of one week later (2/23) to USA. The overseas shipping part was fast and it was in the US in just a day or two. The arrival date was pushed back to 2/24 according to tracking info but then was actually delivered three days sooner. :) So, I received shipping notification on a Wed afternoon and had the grinder delivered the next Mon!

All that to say, the Niche arrived, all told (from order date with wait time and shipping all included) in less than a month. It was in hand at least two weeks faster than the most optimistic of estimates. It was dead easy to order on their website (no more waiting for drops) and their support was friendly and top notch. If you're considering ordering but you've heard that it takes many months to arrive, that's not necessarily the case at this point in 2022.

I'll share more later but just to had to add, it has absolutely exceeded our expectations. It's quiet and has the most pleasant sound of any grinder I've ever used. It's faster than our previous grinder, has the low retention everyone has raved about, and is super consistent. We've become "coffee snobs" the last several years and really LOVE great coffee. But we like darker grinds and I'm not sure I have a palette that could pick out all the tasting notes that Third Wave Coffee is known for. But having said all that, I could taste an immediate and definite difference in our coffee using the Niche for the first time. It was like nothing I'd ever had. There was a sweetness to the cup I'd never experienced before as well as new depth and complexity. I was stunned not only at the results we were getting but how much I could taste the difference. We were only able to use it for a few days before we had to make a last minute trip out of town for medical treatment. The hardest part was leaving the Niche!

If you're on the fence - just get it! It's seriously everything everyone has raved about from the end grind result, to the incredible build quality. The great thing is that it seems Niche are bringing down the wait times. And since some of the competitors also have wait times (last I knew, this was true of the new Eureka Oro SD, for instance), it's worth going for the Niche. My spouse was decidedly unsure about spending this much on a coffee grinder and couldn't believe there wasn't a great option that cost less. But a few days into using it, that all melted away and he was as impressed with everything about the Niche as I have been. He's said several times that he can't believe what I've done with our coffee - putting together a setup that gets the results we're now getting. He can't tell if it's the equipment or the skills I'm slowing gaining as a home barista. But it's nice to have such amazing results.

I can't recommend the Niche more highly.