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#2871: Post by DavidB »

Apologies if this has been asked already - does anyone know if there are any compatible TiN (or Red Speed) burrs for our grinders?

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#2872: Post by randyr5 » replying to DavidB »

There was talk a while back about some SSP burrs being developed for the Niche/Kony, but it hasn't happened.


#2873: Post by DavidB » replying to randyr5 »

Thanks. I realize we home baristas love the NZ, but it's a fairly 'niche' grinder relative to the grinders Mazzer makes and sells commercially. Hopefully there is a demand signal coming from cafe baristas.


#2874: Post by LewBK »

Today I was using the grinder and noticed some wobble and that the NFC disk on the top was coming loose. I tightened the bolt on the top and it seems fine. Have others had this experience?

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#2875: Post by Splunge »

That happens to mine fairly regularly - I'm always afraid I'll over tighten things. The next time it loosens I'll put a dab of loctite on the bolt.


#2876: Post by luvmy40 »

Mine has never come loose. However, if this is a recurring problem for you, try using a chop stick or BBQ Skewer to hold the burr in place when you tighten the bolt. You won't be able to "over tighten" it, the skewer will give long before you damage the grinder.


#2877: Post by NicoNYC »

The first few times I disassembled and reassembled my grinder, I just tightened the bolt without holding the burrs in place, and after a day or two the bolt would loosen up on its own.

Now I use something to hold the burr in place so I can tighten firmly and the bolt holds well. I use the back of a plastic toothbrush that is my designated burr cleaner, but anything food-safe that won't chip the burrs should be fine.
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#2878: Post by Splunge »

Great minds, yes. I did use a chopstick to keep the plastic disc in place while I tightened it the last time. I didn't crack the disc and it's still tight so fingers crossed. Now if I could just figure out how to keep the setting from moving coarser while I grind - but apparently that's a whole other thread! :shock:


#2879: Post by luvmy40 » replying to Splunge »

Yeah, that one has me scratching my head. I'm watching the other thread on it. Wish I could help, but I got nuthin'.


#2880: Post by sunnynights123 »

i am not sure if i am not meant to do this, to remove the nut, i switch off and unplug, then tighten down the burrs ring all the way (past the calibration point) so it is tight. that holds the burrs in place and i can quickly untighten the nut in the middle. i can then unscrew the top ring.