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Don Task wrote:Ah ha.. there you go. The key was you being lucky enough to find an experienced automotive wrap professional in your area! Sounds like everything is under control right down to cutting around the Logo. Love the British Racing Green. Please post some photos of it when its done.
Definitely will do! I just need to finalize the stencil for repainting the dial markings. Maybe I'll even change the fonts up a bit... keep you all posted on this project!

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A new thread on your tricked-out Niche would be great!


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Jefe wrote:Oh how frustrating!! I have been watching every day for over two weeks and today is the one day I didn't look at all...already sold out of US orders, wow! Thank you guys for posting updates I really appreciate it...even if I missed it. Was starting to think they were never going to update more :D
Same here, so I also really appreciate the availability postings.

I just looked at eBay and it appears that a few buttheads are buying up a number at a time to resell.


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I'm pretty sure all I did was sign up for the newsletter on Nichecoffee's website (bottom of the home page) as I got a heads up email a day or so before a new batch went up on Indiegogo at 3AM my local time in Canada. I sucked it up and waited until the wee hours and managed to snag one for delivery in February. :mrgreen:

There were 240 available to US/CAN and they sold out in less than 11 hours. While I was very tired in the morning, I was at least a confirmed purchaser!

As for what I'm doing in the meantime, well.... I have a Baratza Sette 270 that works well enough. I think I'll keep it as a spare. I do have both burrs for it, so it can be used for drip and french press as well as espresso. I really should sell it, and if the Niche leaves me hanging, I could always buy a Baratza Encore until the Niche gets repaired.


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Yep, your best bet is to sign up for their newsletter. You'll get an email a day or two before they drop the next batch on IGG.

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I didn't get the newsletter. I am getting so much email during Covid I don't check my spam, or promotion mailboxes so I might have gotten it but it didn't get sent to my mail mailbox.

Luckily, for me, I checked the IGG website everyday in the morning (had tabs open on phone to re-fresh daily). This worked for me and I was able to order it in the early morning (CA time...which was probably a few hours after they were posted in UK time).

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Grinders for US orders both in white or black are available in fairly large quantities right now on the Indegogo page. Finally picked mine up and I'm not 100% sure what I'm more excited about....having the grinder OR not needing to refresh that page 3,000 times per second. :lol:

Good luck getting yours and a big "Thank you!" For all the advice and heads up along the way on this thread.


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Just got this email:

New stock of US (White and black) and more EU (Black only) models are now available to pre order for February 2021 delivery.

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Get'em while they're hot! > Indiegogo link
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Just ordered mine in white/US - can't wait for February!