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Seasoning is a bit like "breaking in" headphones. Is there actual science behind it or are you just getting accustomed to the produced taste/sound?
If these grinders need 5kg of season that have a lifespan of 600-750kg then we would have to season the titan burrs with 5000kg lifespan with like 30kg.

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Sometimes all you need is just to trust your senses. Speakers, headphones and musical instruments (like guitars or violins f.ex.) actually do "open up" when they're used for a certain time.

I do also have one hand grinder with titan coated burrs. Is it counted as valid evidence that the grinding time and revolutions needed have changed significantly after a few months use?

Earlier I mentioned my Japanese chef knife. It is probably tougher material than any coffee burr yet made. Still, to keep it absolutely sharp, I need to sharpen it on a weekly basis. The knife doesn't care about science, it is either dull or sharp.

But when it comes to senses - some people taste things, some people don't - some people hear the difference, some people don't. Senses do need a lot of training.


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My understanding is that brand new burrs are imperfectly sharpened. Which considering how they are made makes sense. The new burr's cutting edge most likely has burrs along it's length and grinding this first few pounds removes them. Much like where people who are into sharpening high end knives will use a cork or felt to deburr the cutting edge of their knives. Once the initial deburring is done, the grind "settles down" and stays much more uniform.
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jwCrema wrote:+1

I completely agree. I would like see some science to back up "seasoning". The lifespan of the burr in the NZ is 600 kg of beans. What could possibly happen to the grinder in 5 kgs of waste beans? My NZ has been flawless since it came out of the box.
Totally different burrs, but perhaps there's something to learn about seasoning science here: ... quality-2/


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Normally I would do as most here said and let the burrs settle in themselves. I've only ever had one decent grinder (Pharos) and i did notice a significant change in the first couple of months. Grinding light roasts in the beginning was close to torture but now they're only slightly more difficult that medium roasts.

I'm considering speeding up burr seasoning this time because I will likely receive my NZ around the same time the favorite espresso beans arrive and I don't want to break in the grinder while also evaluating beans.

It's most likely an overkill, will only do it for my own peace of mind :mrgreen:


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silkypull wrote:good to know about all these feedbacks. so how does the process go... mine is suppose to delivery in Sept.. so will i end up getting an email before it is shipped or would it just mysteriously show up at my door?
IIRC, I got an email with tracking link and it was dead on accurate through the delivery.


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sweet... guess i'll have to wait..... :(

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Charlemagne wrote:Totally different burrs, but perhaps there's something to learn about seasoning science here: ... quality-2/
There is always something to learn. It seems like the conical burr is easier to dial in than a flat burr. I was making seriously tiny adjustments to 83mm flat burr in the Major and would eventually track down the OMG spot. I don't know how the dark Italian roasts we like plays into this, but I suspect it does. Is there science on this observation?


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Ordered a white NZ last night at 3AM. I was thinking it about a week but since I just got a OE Fixie, I was hesitant to drop more money into grinders. 17th is my birthday so I had a birthday gift budget, NZ was one of the candidates (along with couple music instruments) and while I was browsing at 3AM, I just saw 'only one left' on white US model. That made my decision pretty easy at that point, ordered it since if I want to get it later on, that'd need to be november-december shipping.

We'll wait and see if I regret this 3AM purchase later on. Now I'm really excited to pair it with a white Robot and september seems feels so far.


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You must have pulled some kind of magic because when I checked a few days ago the white US model was already out of stock for September