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Of course, I was merely just posting what they were showing in their video.


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ds wrote:I'm with Tom. I cannot see their claims holding up in espresso range and without external help i.e. RDT.
Hell, even if I 'need' to perform RDT for the retention to sit around 0.1g on this grinder it's still a much more affordable price-point for me compared to the single-dosing kings (monoliths) where most perform RDT anyway. Kinda sketchy advertising, I agree there.

I think they're obviously catering to non-espresso brew methods since there is no portafilter holder. Much simpler grinder design; yet, not as convenient as a grinder with forks. I would love to see a black powdercoated version. Don't think I'll jump on the crowdfunding train... I'm curious if the performance delivers. All of the UK feedback I've seen is positive. Hopefully a US vendor picks them up or they have a plan to ship overseas (I would think that's likely).


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Interesting and positive initial thoughts by someone not affiliated with the company just posted on Coffee Forums UK

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Sketchy indeed... this design is certainly not what I understand the community here would consider "straight through" which belongs to Versalab, Combat, etc.

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I'm interested to read DavecUK's review, when it comes out. I like his definition of the different facets of how the grinder performs with regard to grinds between sessions:
  • Total Retention = strip down including burrs and carriers, sweep arms etc.. after grinding out what you can, to find out what that is
  • Consistency = 20g in 20g out sort of thing
  • Exchange = what portion of the grinds that come out were from coffee retained in the grinder e.g. 20g in 20g out 1g might be exchanged and from the previous grind or even the 1 before.

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Well, neither of the Monoliths nor the EG-1 are straight through, that belongs to Versalab, it's descendants and the Sette. The design of the grind path seems similar to the Monolith conical. The burrs run very slow, 180 RPM if I recall correctly and it uses a DC gearmotor like the Sette so it won't likely have the longevity of the more expensive commercial and price-no-object grinders. Hopefully it will be easy and inexpensive to replace the motor should it die. And like the Sette, it might very well be a game changer if the got the little things right.



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yakster wrote:I'm interested to read DavecUK's review, when it comes out. I like his definition of the different facets of how the grinder performs with regard to grinds between sessions:
Thank you, I have always been unhappy about the different ways I have seen retention described and often used interchangeably with consistency and exchange....I see these 3 things as loosely coupled, but completely separate.


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Of the three parameters he defines, I am only interested in consistency and exchange. I wonder how he plans to test for exchange? Rice? I'd be curious about my grinder's exchange. Right now, I'm assuming it's at an acceptable amount since I can switch beans and not taste the previous bean (although I'm not an expert taster by any means). By his definition, the consistency of my grinder is less than 0.1gm which is good enough but I wonder how much exchange is occurring since I never sweep out the burr chamber or path.


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Mitch, I think with the layout of the EG1 it would be very hard to measure exchange....with that one you could only estimate likely exchange and then state what would be the worse case maximum amount. However, I doubt, even at maximum, you could ever taste the exchange from your EG1. Lyn Weber themselves use the wrong word but state dose consistency as + or - 0.3g, which might be because of their guess at exchange, or they are simply being cautious to be right under all conditions.

I think with your own grinder you would be wasting your time as the numbers are all going to be so small as to be inconsequential and not tasteable, it's more about how it is in the cup and how it extracts. Presumably someone (not an owner) has already independently thoroughly tested these issues on the EG1.

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DaveC posted a link to his review on page 24 of the coffeeforums site, I haven't had time to read it yet.

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