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Wow ok this is all great information that is making so much sense. Thank you all


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My Niche started at 18 to 22 depending on bean, after about 1.5 years it started moving down. It is now 7 to 12 depending on bean and hasn't changed for the last year. My son bought a Niche a year ago he is generally at 18 to 22. His hasn't moved.....

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Could has something to do with burr seasoning, or are you 100% sure that you're re-calibrating to the same spot every time?


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Just in case it helps. My 1 week old niche is grinding for espresso at 7-8 on the dial, I contacted niche and received a very prompt reply saying it's all good and perfectly normal, great service

It hasn't moved, I'll keep you updated if anything like that happens to me


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Interesting. My Niche is 3 months old. In general, with fresh beans, light to medium espresso, for my small portafilter diameter lever machine, I'm now grinding in the 20-22 range versus 22-24 at start. More interestingly, the same frozen beans now need about 0.5-1 tighter compared to 3 months ago.


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I actually got in touch with Niche to ask about this, because I too started out in the 10-20 range and am now always down between 0 and 10. Niche tech support says this has been reported by lots of users and, as far as they know, doesn't mean anything about performance.

Most importantly, for me, the support response assured me that I can grind way down below the 0 setting without damaging the burrs. Specifically, the official word is that I'm okay down to "in line with the hinge screw," which looks to me like about -10.

For reference, my machine is just over three years old as of my post date.

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Do you clean the grinder?
Do you reset the marker when you zero?


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This is an excellent photo showing that when there has been grinding the upper ring cannot screw in as far with regards to the relative point where the calibration is. That is because there is some coffee between the upper and lower burr carrier. So, one should only calibrate after cleaning. In my case, as long as I have not inadvertently moved the lower black ring when making coffee, it always goes back to the same spot after cleaning. Very consistent. I use the Dave Corby method of just using a thumb and index finger for the tightness of the silver ring, because the fingers slip at a certain amount of force. Not an exact torque measurement, but it is pretty consistent. Works very well for me. In that scenario on my Niche I grind espresso between 14-18 depending on the beans. I use medium or dark roast all the time.