Niche Zero flat burr set conversion from sworksdesigns

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#1: Post by romlee »

Instagram post from sworksdesigns regarding Niche Zero flat burr set conversion kit.

Thoughts, anyone?

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#2: Post by palica »

My thought is why would someone want to buy a Niche if it is to convert it to flat burrs? :roll:
Maybe better buying directly a DF64... :wink:

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#3: Post by baldheadracing » replying to palica »

I suspect that the situation is more a matter of a person that already has a Niche Zero, loves the aesthetics and workflow, but is suffering from flat burr envy.

Not that I have a Niche or suffer from flat burr envy, but I think that it is a neat project.
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#4: Post by Pressino »

I was unable to look at the Instagram post (not subscribed to any of those social media sites like FB, Twitter, etc), but I can't imagine how Niche converted to use flat burrs would manage to grind coffee with the same low retention as with conical burrs...It would seem to make the grinder a retention-prone disaster, given the Niche is designed for single dosing. :(

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#5: Post by bostonbuzz »

Looks phenomenal... if those are 64mm burrs. Makes me want a niche now. I'd prefer it for flats over any of the other (overpriced) options.
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#6: Post by geared2play »

One of the concerns regarding the flat conversion is the motor and RPM. Niche spins at roughly 200-300 RPM, whereas most flat burr grinder like Eureka Atom and DF64 spin at 1300-1400RPM. The motor power rating might not be ideal either and the long term durability is questionable.

To me, it is more trouble than it worth.

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#7: Post by yertchuk »

It won't be near-zero retention. The grounds sweeper at the bottom is removed.


#8: Post by Jonk »

The new carrier has sweepers, who knows if they're as effective as the original but it sure looks interesting. Considering that Niche's ring burr is 63mm I'm pretty sure those are Mahlkönig X54 burrs in the video, which would also mean that the 54mm "ditting steel" burrs would fit - perfect for someone looking to upgrade the Niche's filter capabilities. I'm intrigued. Those are already slow running at 1400rpm but it'd be interesting to try what the low rpm does for flavor.


#9: Post by jfjj »

The current options are 54mm, 58mm SSP and 60mm. He's testing 3 kits.
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#10: Post by ira »

Since the most important thing in building a flat burr grinder seems to be burr alignment, I wonder how the alignment is?