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Jonk wrote:I have used doser model Mazzers as well, and disagree. It's a 1-2 minute affair, faffing around with a brush and pulsing the grinder on and off. Still some retention left in the grinder. Build is great, taste with SSP burrs is great, but workflow is a (minor) pain as far as I'm concerned.
Then you didn't have your routine dialed in very well. I've used a SJ doser for over 2 years and could grind, sweep, twack, pulse, sweep and twack in under 30s total everytime with absolutely no retention. It's indeed not an ideal workflow but there's no cheaper and better grinder for the money that can hold 64mm SSP burrs and does have the motor power to do it with ease.

And ofcourse the Niche Zero will be more enjoyable in terms of worklfow but will also cost 4 times more second hand including the conversion kit and still only handle 58mm burrs. For that money you can get 2 second hand Mazzer Major doser models including a set of 80mm SSP burrs.

So yes the conversion kit looks nice but people need to know that there are other options that don't cost more. If you want to swap between the two more often it's much better to just own 2 grinders.


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F1 wrote:Until I hear from a reputable reviewer that this "flat" burr produces something significantly different from the kony burrs I dont see the point. Simply putting a flat burr in there is not gonna magically make the grinder better or even make it on par with other flat burrs. Especially those tiny 58mm burrs. Burr geometry makes a difference, but so does size.
You're certainly better off to wait, then, rather than experimenting with it, yourself. Like I said... I'm not advocating for it as a better solution. I'm simply saying that for those who already own the NZ, replacing the burrs is less expensive than buying a new grinder. On top of that, some people enjoy experimenting. I don't think anyone was expecting magic - I wasn't, anyway.