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Nate42 wrote:I know you guys were losing sleep over this so figure I will follow up. Ended up getting a Chinese thing from Ebay that looks a lot like the lww blind tumbler. It gets the job done, and the walls have enough slope that the monolith forks can hold it. It's a little fiddly but once you get used to it it works pretty well. I still think something like the Niche zero design would work just as well and be a little simpler. That Rhino cup above looks interesting I might get one one of these days.
Would you mind sharing the link to the tumbler that you ordered?

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We ordered this it is a huge improvement from the niche one as stuff doesn't get stuck in the bottom as much.

really which they polished the interior of the cup on these that is where it matters


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The exact item I ordered doesn't seem to exist any more but pretty sure this is the same thing. Couldn't tell you for sure if its truly exactly the same as the LWW tumbler but it sure does look a lot like it.


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When I upgraded from my HG-1 to the Flat, I had a blind shaker that I had purchased separately from LWW. The bottom fits great with the portafilter forks and brings the opening of the shaker right underneath the chute to keep the mess to a minimum.

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I polished the inside of my Niche cup to try to prevent the grinds sticking, it certainly helped.


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Nick1881 wrote:I polished the inside of my Niche cup to try to prevent the grinds sticking, it certainly helped.
Awesome work! This is one major improvement they need to do. It is like velcro in there.

How did you do it, the proper way with buffing wheels and polishing compound?

I am lazy and was going to throw it in a vibratory tumbler with rouge walnut polishing media...but then i would need to mask the bottom. Sending it out for electropolish is overkill and then i would just machine a new one at that rate.


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Yea buffing wheels and compound, lots of effort and a vibrating feeling in my hand lol.

Happy with the result though, I did it after polishing my tamper.


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Possible to achieve similar results with just a cloth and polishing compound? :?

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Unfortunately the surface finish is very poor inside the cup. You may reduce a bit of the grounds getting caught with compound but it will not appear polished with a compound.

You could use a chemical brite dip polisher and let it sit in the cup (similar to electro polish) but these solutions are very toxic.


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I use a clay shot glass that was baked in an oven. never have any grinds stuck in there and the opening is pretty close to my portafilter.