NEWS - Eureka Atom Libra?

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#1: Post by Henrikaa »

Just saw this popping up on my feed -from what I can see/tell/assume it is FINALLY looking like Eureka is releasing a GBW version of the Atom. As a long time user of an Atom 75, I can't say how much of an anticipated product update this is.

Would anyone here have any info, preliminary indications of pricing, if rebuild kits for "old" Atom grinders will be available etc.?


#2: Post by corffee_beanz »

Also vey interested (and hoping) for a GBW Atom 75. Would be great if Lucca made their own variant with the burr measuring feature too


#3: Post by DentalBeans »

Their update to the Atom line (touchscreen) has been 'coming soon' for 6-8 months now so I'm guessing this will be a 2024 release.

Henrikaa (original poster)

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I guess a bundled update like this makes sense, from an industrialization perspective.

Do you know in detail what the touch screen update includes?

Henrikaa (original poster)

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corffee_beanz wrote:Also vey interested (and hoping) for a GBW Atom 75. Would be great if Lucca made their own variant with the burr measuring feature too
TBH as a current - and content - Atom 75 owner, I also hope the GBW can be retrofit on the grinder I have. Don't need to shell out again on a complete new grinder for the GBW feature.


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The touch screen Atom update was named the Excellence 65/75 but to my knowledge hasn't shown up at retailers. It's on the Eureka website and social media. It's been coming soon for 6+ months. It didn't seem like there were huge changes - I believe they updated to a full touchscreen and changed the portafilter holder but the rest should be very similar/the same. No reviews as they didn't show up in the wild. Eureka might be rolling that release into a GBW grinder but I guess we will find out. This might be a great alternative to the E65s GBW if the price point makes sense. I'm not sure about accuracy/general feedback on the Libra but I'll do some homework on that now.


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Unable to find any real news but here's the grinder. Just go through their stories. It looks like it's called an Atom W. ... BiNWFlZA==


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IGW technology similar to the Libra. Will this be a direct competitor against the e65s gbw by mahlkonig or will it be q more affordable option?


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The fork looks different to the libra so I'd imagine it's an updated design. My hope is you can use a dosing cup if you want but I don't think so. My guess is a mahlkonig rival at a slightly cheaper price point.


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Just as an update, their support mentioned the excellence 75 will be hitting markets soon (about a year and a half after they said it would be available soon) and the weight based atom 75 wouldn't be available until approved until at least the end of the year...which means judging by their timelines it probably won't hit markets until 2025. Didn't want to wait so I have an E65s GBW coming tomorrow :D