New Turin DF64 generation 2

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#1: Post by Jonk »

Looks like a welcome update to the first generation:
Essentially a sized down DF83v2. Could be a good alternative to DF64V thanks to the 'plasma generator'. I really hope they nail the declumper straight away this time :D

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#2: Post by Brewzologist »

Looking forward to the internals video to see if they've improved the motor mounting and bearings. Otherwise it may sadly just be putting lipstick on the same old pig. 8)


#3: Post by malling »

But why did the put that red button on it

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#4: Post by Jeff »

Red button sells more machines than admitting that the burr carriers weren't close to coplanar, the collar flexed inappropriately, and the machine wasn't coaxial in previous versions.


#5: Post by Yakoh »

malling wrote:But why did the put that red button on it
I have no idea, but it look horrible and cheap as hell to be honest xD. It's a bit of a head scratcher. Whose idea might it have been? Was a simple aluminum button too much to ask for? Otherwise the grinder looks nice. If they addressed the issues in the original DF64 it can be a very solid option for that price.

I'm a bit surprised that I can't find any info about this new itineration of the DF64 on the Net. Only Espresso Outlet seems to have it available for pre-order, but no news, no early reviews on YouTube... nothing at all. So we can't know too much about it just yet, we'll have to wait to see how good it really is I suppose.


#6: Post by malling replying to Yakoh »

I suspect its construction is identical to DF83, and using a wave spring.

Yes that button was just right in my face and not in a good way. They could probably not have found something more off putting, but I guess it will be gone in v2 :lol:


#7: Post by Yakoh replying to malling »

At least the button placement seems to be right this time around, doesn't it? I suppose that's something. :mrgreen:


#8: Post by selfiegram »

Wires from the back instead of side already seems like an improvement one df83. They really need to add some of the df64v innovations with magnetic chute and silver color body to these new units!


#9: Post by Yakoh replying to selfiegram »

Yes, the chute is not magnetic like the DF64V but it has the "plasma generator" to reduce static that the DF64V doesn't have (maybe the DF64V v2? I hope so). As for the color... yes, there's not a huge variety at the moment, just black or white, which is a bit of a shame but those must be the most popular colors anyways.

Jonk (original poster)

#10: Post by Jonk (original poster) »

Here's a look at the declumper as well as the 'plasma generator':