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Hey all,

Reviving this topic, I'm new to the community... I just received my df64 gen2 from a preorder September 12th. I purchased from espresso outlet. I haven't seen anyone mention here, or on any other review sites, but my machine does NOT have a red button. This button is sort of a silver aluminum which matches the finish quite nicely. Attached is a picture of this helps.

My first time with a serious grinder, but loving the experience so far!


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I've only had the pleasure of using the V1, but was pleasantly surprised with the df64. It really brought alot of flavor out of my lighter roasts and was a nice contrast compared to my Sette conical.


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Received mine yesterday from Took about 2 weeks from Singapore to Norway. 220-240v version comes with a UK plug.

I do have access to some really high end coffee places in my neighborhood (Wendelboe etc.) and I am a bit of an espresso nerd, but I have no personal experience from really high end grinders or machines. I would say with my Rocky and Silvia I am able to make coffee that is on par or slightly better than what you get at Costa, Starbucks etc. Not sure if I am right, but to me the Rocky has been OK for dark roasts espresso (especially with milk). However, on lighter roasts and especially more "flowery" beans it has always been difficult for me to get good shots.

I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't see much improvement with the df64 vs. the Rocky, but already after a handful of shots there is no comparison. I couldn't say if the df64 is better or on par with other "modern" grinders in that price range, but for me it is a big upgrade on the Rocky - bigger than I even had dreamt of. Can't wait to test it with different kind of beans - especially the more "flowery" ones I can get at Wendelboe (local shop). It is just so much smoother. And I am sure it will get better as I tweak it.

Also really looking forward to test it on black coffee. Was planning to keep my Rocky for black coffee, but now I am not sure. Time will tell. With very low retention and that clever adjustment wheel it seems quite easy to switch between types. The Rocky never worked well for that (as expected as it isn't single dose).