New (to me) Mazzer Major Doser Automatic

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Pablo Expobar

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Hello guys

I just bought a Mazzer Major doser automatic. It was removed from a shop that closed. I notice it has Titanium coated burrs and they look new. On searching for cost of replacements it's twice the cost I paid for the whole kit. Grinder hopper and knock box.

Tested it and it's fantastic is it worth going down the single dosing route or would you keep the doser pot and built in spring type tamper ?


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I'm using one with a mini hopper, and SSP burrs set and a built in grind timer and Daniel Wong conversion kit.

Great grinder IMO, and I'd vote for a setup similar to mine or single dosing (but only load beans when burrs are spinning) if you can stand the popcorning (or find a way to control it)
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