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#1: Post by NicoNYC »

I think I'm late to the party as usual, has anybody else heard of the Timemore Sculptor 078 grinder, or maybe seen one in person and gotten to try it out?

Mostly, I just think they've knocked it out of the park on design - it's kind of got the overall form of EK43/Fuji-Royal but cleaned up for a home kitchen, with very nice details all around. I could see it being a good step up from the Fellow Ode, though we'll have to wait until some people have used it and reported on the coffee. It's listed as having 78mm burrs, looks sort of like they're going for something between traditional flat burr and a ghost burr, I wonder if there are other compatible burrs out there (the EG-1 80mm ones maybe?). ... ulptor-078

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interesting looking machine, quite a neat design I think.
Not sure what to think of those burrs. To me it doesn't look like this will give a nice uniform grind, but who knows..

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Nico, this is on my radar, too, but I've only really seen chatter so far (including some on the Espresso Aficionados discord). At this rate, I think the Our Coffee Shelter crew you linked to might do a full review before the major influencers. Will a 110V version be in the works? Not sure.
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#4: Post by malling »

I had a chat with them they designed it for coarser grinding as that is according to them how their target audience do brewed. This isn't strictly surprising with a Chinese company, in that region it's normal to use ghost teeth grinders but the roast is also typically also most places on the darker side. It didn't sound like they truly understood the need to go finer with light roast when I had a chat with them, I wonder if we will see them have a change of heart when feedbacks come now it hit the western markets and people start complaining over not grinding fine enough, just like happened with the ode.

The burr seize is odd enough too not take other burrs, it's a bit of a shame really, but probably done on purpose.


#5: Post by Yan »

There will be interesting to see the Sculptor vs ODE v.2/ssp mp vs Fujiroyal R-220...


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I wrote about this a while ago: New Timemore Electric Brew Grinder with RPM Control Probably our threads should be combined.


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Odd design, reminds me of a sewing machine or a stand mixer.


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Received my Timemore Sculptor 078 grinder last month. Very solid and well build grinder. It really grinds very consistent and less fines. Here are some examples of coarse grind from Sculptor 078, EK43s and Lagom P64 (SSP High Uniformity burr).


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Yeah these are very good at very coarse grinding probably better then more traditional burrs, I think we have seen the same with the different ghost teeth grinders, I run into such often in Asia and yes it dos that well...

How fine can you make it grind... please upload a picture if you can

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Reminds me of the Burr from my Hobart.