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#91: Post by bringyoutomyhell »

ILikeTurtles wrote:Would the 64s be good for a beginner getting into espresso?

I can get the 78s too, but thinking it's a bit expensive for my needs.

Anyone have some advice?

Kyle Roswell will drop a video this friday on YouTube, it's probably the first other review after ourcoffeeshelter on Instagram. I would just wait for that. On paper the 064S looks like a great grinder and not only for a beginner, but a platform for all other 64mm burrsets. But who knows about tolerances, motor, durability etc., we need time to know all of that


#92: Post by malling »

DenisSabou wrote:I dont think it makes a huge difference. That knocker is all about discarding the chaff, that has a horrible taste. The fines I dont have the problems with them, you need fines to make coffee taste both in espresso and brew.

Brews done with 500 to 850 microns sieved are not complex and boring. Fines are good if you know how to deal with them and they are not clogging your brews. My brews above are at max 2:30.
Unless you sift them there will always be plenty of fines in a brew. The ones getting caught will be those dislodged from larger particles or free floating fines from the grinding process that dos absolutely nothing good to a brew under any circumstances, these always tend to either get static and stick somewhere or end on top of the pile of the grind, you should always remove or stir them in or else brew quality will definitely be reduced.

I agree removing all fines is not advisable but there definitely is a difference in what state these are in and how these impact, a none stirring grind performs worse then a homogeneous one or one where you removed these free floating/dislodged fines.


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marcoffee wrote:I should order a WDT tool for pourovers.
Might be sacrilege in an espresso site, but I just made my own with wine corks and acupuncture needles, haha. Definitely good enough for pour over!
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#94: Post by EvanOz85 replying to Scotch_and_Coffee »

Not sacrilege at all. We love DIY solutions here.


#95: Post by kewlly »

Pledged for a 064s. Planning to replace my 1zpresso JX pro and use it for both filter and espresso.

Can't wait for reviews on this machine.

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For anyone interested kyle posted a review of the 78s and the 64s


#97: Post by malling » wrote:For anyone interested kyle posted a review of the 78s and the 64s

The 78s look like a tremendous bargain, it could have a rather noticeable effect on the home market and even could imagine seeing it in low flow commercial settings.


#98: Post by ibsprocket »

Agreed, at its current Kickstarter price. It's slightly cheaper than a new Vario plus, but has much larger vertical burrs, variable speed, better workflow, brushless larger motor etc etc. I'm curious where the actual retail price will settle. Maybe $599?

It's interesting to see what people are going for in the Kickstarter. There are so few people pledging for the filter models. I'm most excited for the 078 personally. To have potentially EG1 level filter quality for $499 seems too good to be true. I guess most people are willing to settle slightly for cup clarity in favor of espresso versatility.

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#99: Post by bringyoutomyhell »

For filter the 078 I think would be amazing. It's sold on sigmacoffee in Europe for 669€ (not available yet, awaiting for CE certification). Anyway, I don't know if the street price will lower eventually, but the 078S on KS seems 200€ cheaper. So for those living in the US 499$ for the 078 seems a great price


#100: Post by Ivyb82 »

I would love to see a blind taste off, between the 078 and the 078s. I'm also curious about the 064, but it seems to be an afterthought from Timemore.