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I think we should be a bit more careful about speculating whether or not third part burrs will be available. Hansung has yet to make a stance on it, he already expressed he wants to see the grinder first and test before he take a stance on it.

So far he only made burrs for industry standard that then could be used in SD home grinders or specific grinders in high demand for commercial use else it's been collaboration with a few manufacturers notably Weber and Zerno in regards to delivery of blind burrs and some modifications on standard sizes in request coming from Titus and Option-o.

It would be first if Hansung make burr for a specific home grinder that has not directly requested to make burrs for them.

The difference in view of S is most likely just that alignment both kyle and Lance was from a 078 they placed the burrs in and they checked alignment of it. the others was from a real 078s and could tell there might be some alignment issues on some unit ending in peoples hands. If so not really surprising as it's a jump in production capacity and this almost always at first leads to QC issues.

But you can always toss the turbo burrs in, Patrik owner of April also made his first remarks on it and so far find it interesting and requested the S version from Timemore to test it out.


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Pretty sure the 58mm brew burrs were intended for the Wilfa Uniform, so it's not really unheard of (even if those fit Mazzer Mini as well). But it's good if they've actually got a grinder to test burrs in, considering that the aforementioned Wilfa struggles with SSP burrs and apparently even EG-1 with the cast burrs that supposedly were not tested in an EG-1..

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I have rewatched all the videos about the Sculptors. Lance repeats several times, like a mantra, that he likes the 078s much better than the Niche Zero. Of course, we may have different tastes. But maybe switching from NZ to 078s is really an upgrade (and not a sidegrade as I thought before). That's why I decided not to swap the 078s for the 078.

When I get it, I'll compare its taste to the NZ with dark roast. If the 078s wins (or is at least at the same level of taste but with better workflow), I will keep it and sell the NZ.

I'll also test the 078s with light roast. If this experiment fails (or NZ wins and I sell 078s), I will search for the second grinder for light roast with "typical flat" espresso burns.


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It was tested and designed for the Mazzer Mini in reality

Ursego just sell the Niche if these are a like, I'm pretty convinced the workflow is better on the Sculpture and it's also more powerful.


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Cuprajake wrote:Have you seen Kyle's review of the timemore?

They may have more 'power' but when one can't even get close to burr chirp without nearly stalling I'd say it's got a weaker motor.

Don't just go off ratings of watts

Just like there are blinkered people who support the niche there seem to be equally blinkers people who hate it.

Luckily taste is subjective.
We are talking about the zero not the Duo, in other words he has the zero not the duo, you can also stall the zero with a light roast easily enough just saying, I seen zero shake absolutely violently and rattle like crazy with a light roast... there is no way this is worse and it's KS price is lower then zero.

He didn't stall it, it was the the protection feature that kicked in at the lowest RPM at a finer then useable espresso grind setting.

Lance always disliked the Zero, one if not the single most overhyped and overrated piece of coffee equipments ever invented. No I'm not saying it's bad but just that it's over hyped because it is no where nearly as good as people would have you believe.


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A safety feature is kicking in once it gets over a certain threshold to prevent overload, this doesn't mean the grinder would necessarily stall without this in place, also not all grinders have it, other just have a thermal overcurrent circuit-breaker.

I don't really think Lance actually ever praised it for cup performance, he specifically said many times he only used it for his video content.

I think I said many times before the Niche made the concept of SD available for the masses. But part of the story is also Niche have been very good at using modern marketing and influencers creating hype about their product.