New Timemore Electric Brew Grinder with RPM Control

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Never seen one quite like this: ... sIgdRfOet1
It looks like it has something similar to ghost burrs, but not exactly, RPM control and a rather sleek look overall. Anyone try one?


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The link doesn't work it seems :(


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The link works for me, but never seen anything like this...
I tend to be suspicious of aliexpress items. How would you get a repair on this machine? I reckon you either do it yourself, or throw it in the bin.


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Last pic has time more written out as two words on the product box instead of one word of timemore. This looks like a reskin of fellow ode to me with more control?

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There's been some chatter about this grinder on Discord (e.g. Espresso Aficionados) with a focus on the hybrid ghost burrs, but I haven't seen any actual reviews. I like the RPM control. Why 220V? Not sure.
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#6: Post by Milligan »

Looks like a Fuji-clone with design aesthetics of a Fellow Ode.

Looks awfully similar to something like this (even the burrs) without the "Timemore" name: ... 34905993_3

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The hybrid burrs are unusual, looking like traditional burrs on the inner ring and ghost burrs on the outer one. Their ad claims there are actually three layers to them and that they're unique to this grinder. They also say they have a patented powder removal system to reduce retention. Of course, ads often say a lot of things.


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jbviau wrote:Why 220V? Not sure.
It's specified as 220V~240V, which is the voltage range used in most countries. I guess they don't target the north American or Japanese market at this stage.