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#21: Post by Acavia »

Maybe a grinder company makes a 12 meter model that you have to keep outside since it would be so big.

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#22: Post by buckersss »

EvanOz85 wrote:That's great news. Fingers crossed for 120mm.
If you want 120mm why not buy a molar?
malling wrote:I honestly don't understand it, I tried lots of coffee from 120mm burrs and the difference between it and 98mm are incredible mute, especially with latest gen. SSP burrs. In fact prefer these to basically all 120mm burrs.

We are well into diminishing returns at this point. In fact so much that most probably never will tell a difference. Frankly a 80-83mm grinder would have made more sense.

Also the grinder get so big it's just ridiculous, but we live in a world where bigger = better.

Honestly if we are going that route a roller mill would just make more sense.
Id love a P80 with loads of torque that can run ditting lab sweets.

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Acavia wrote:Maybe a grinder company makes a 12 meter model that you have to keep outside since it would be so big.
I'm thinking Large Hadron Collider.

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#24: Post by epoon2 »

btw is there a mathematical or practical prove that larger diameters are strictly better?
or exponentially diminishing return?
or worst after a certain size/length?

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#25: Post by malling replying to epoon2 »

No there no proof, it's entirely subjective, you find smaller burr with more unimodal peaks, pushing higher extraction then some of these 98-120mm burrs.

It's entirely subjective valuation of what ends up in the cup.

I owned an EK43 with SSP. Did I perceive it better in the cup, sure very slightly. Was there any measurable objective parameters I could back it up with, not really. I could score the cup but it is really as objective as it could be.

Reality is I get as good coffee out of my Pietro as I ever had with my EK43. If we are going to be objective in truth these aren't better, but in fact more just different, and some of that different is harder getting in smaller burr to the full extent, why it's coined diminishing returns.

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buckersss wrote:If you want 120mm why not buy a molar?
Motor is too slow, it's clunky looking, and I don't know much about the company behind it. I trust Option-O.

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#27: Post by Sidebands »

Just got an email for o-o. Looks like some of the features in the new grinder is being shared with the p100. Looks like the burr set might be upgraded.

We would like to reach out to provide an update regarding your P100 order.

We have an imminent new model launch that may indirectly affect your batch in late July. For some of you who follow us closely, you may have heard from some birdies that there is a new version of Lagom in the works, and we can confirm that is true. :)

New Model availability

However, the completion of the new parts is taking longer than we initially expected, which has impacted our plan (we originally planned to make that available as an optional opt-in at the time of dispatch). Unfortunately this means we will not be able to make that happen in late July. Nevertheless, we believe the new model has some exciting features (it would sport the same 98mm flat burrs used in P100, or, even better, with new optional burr sets) that we think are worth waiting for. If you prefer, we can still fulfill your order with P100 (as we have some units allocated aside).

For the new model, we unfortunately expect there to be a delay of approximately 4-6 weeks, with delivery dates starting around late August/early September - during which we will take some extra time to make sure every detail is taken care of.

What's next

We're super excited about the new model, but we're not quite ready to spill all the beans just yet as our team is still working on the materials and details (including price) for the announcement. In the past few months, our team has been working on conducting tests, and validating the new design to ensure everything functions as intended. Once we are ready, we will provide you with a complete overview of the update with details so you can make an informed decision (again, if you prefer to opt for the original configuration, that is still an option, but we would like to offer you this opt-in opportunity).

If you have an urgency, or prefer to get the P100 now

However, if you have an urgent need for a working grinder and the timeline is crucial (i.e., having a working grinder is more important than having the newest features), please let us know by replying to this email and our team will be more than happy to work out a solution with you. Some of the features update will be available as an upgrade for the existing P100 (but not all).

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to bring you more details in due time.

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#28: Post by EvanOz85 (original poster) »

Modular system, as I expected. Fingers crossed that the "even better" burrs the reference are 120mm.

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#29: Post by Jeff »

This keeps haunting me:

Why is 120 mm going to be "better"?

With the same manufacturing tolerances, off-axis angular errors are 20% worse burr-spacing variations at the periphery.

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#30: Post by Bunkmil replying to Jeff »

Exactly! I know a guy who tried the Molar 120mm and he told me that it was not any better than the 98mm P100 he had. Different but not better. So I don't hope that it's a 120mm. A dual burrs with a modular design to easily change the burrs would be more interesting imo.