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Saso85 wrote:Again no grinder for home use with small footprint :(
Lol. It's only 7.7" wide, how small a footprint do you need?


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mike01 wrote:Any idea if or when this grinder will launch in the US?
i sent Mahlkonig a message via facebook regarding the K30 2.0.

"Hello! At this point there is no planned release date for the 2.0 in the US."

I would assume the same for the E65S.

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cyclist wrote:Looks like a E37S competitor, but with 1599 Euro price tag :roll:
maybe anfim pratica will be more competitively priced.
malling wrote:From the pictures and information provided it only looks like there is a small difference in the design of the hoppers and adjustment collars, so yes you do seem to pay allot extra for the branding, as you always do with Mahlkonig.

But as always the actual price will drop after a few months, so I'll expect the two grinders to be within a narrower price range down the line. However Anfim is the cheaper brand of the 3, so a price difference is to be expected.

K30 can be had for €1699 so it's actually cheaper then a normal K30, €300 cheaper than the air version, additional €1000 cheaper than the V2. However none of those prices are MRP, so the €1599 MRP is not the price we will end up paying.
I saw Anfim Pratica offered for 1399 eur.


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E65S sale price is 1895 eur.
Prescott CR wrote:Just looked at the Anfim site & the Manual is available for that grinder. I believe there is a lock that has to be un-locked to adjust the grind, but the adjustment is referred to as a slider. Where are you seeing that it's stepped? The manual mentions moving to the desired mark, but it doesn't say it is stepped. I was thinking if it were stepped there wouldn't be a lock, but notches that the slider sits in. Does that make sense?
Keep in mind the Mahlkoenig grinders have (except for the GH2) Ditting burrs too when you're considering price / performance.
Adjustmen slider is stepless, but the lock is stepped to the marks on the slider.


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Any news here? Some first more detailed reviews?


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What would you like to know?


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espressoking wrote:Any news here? Some first more detailed reviews?
Brief review:
Frinding is nice, fluffy (more, than my other grinder with 64mm Food Friendly Mazzer SJ burrs), very fast at 20g in 3.95s. There are 3 programmable time presets for OD grinding, 4th is for continuous grinding (default max time is 30s, but can be adjusted in menu). All presets have programmable pictogram (single spout prtafilter, double spout and bottomless) and time (in preset incremens, increment value is adjustable in main menu, default = 0.05s, but can be adjusted from 0.01s to 1.00s in 0.01 steps). Grinder is very quiet (compared to my modified Fiorenzato F4E).

Internal design should be different from K30 (however I'm not familiar with K30 in details) - to reduce the retention, output chute from the grinding chamber is not horizontal, but slanted down from the chamber, it's opening is partially on the chamber wall, but partially also on the chamber base (!). Chute is short, ended with silicone flapper (serving as clump crusher).

Grinder can be easily disassembled for cleaning, 2 screws have to be loosen (not removed, just loosen) to get access to the flapper, by loosening other 3 screws upper burr carrier can be removed. Grinder setting remains untouched. Outer spout is easily removable without any tools.

Output spout is detachable by hand for easier cleaning of the chute. Spout angle is adjustable for optimized grinding to the center of the portafilter basket.

Hopper is locked to the grinder body by bayonet and there is also hidden screw for extra fixing. Safety switch is hidden under the hopper bayonet, so grinder doesn't operate w/o hopper in the place. Standard hopper is too big to fit under kitchen cabinet and unfortunately there is no small hopper available - MK told me, they do not plan to make any. Fortunately the hopper is bolted from few single parts (black base with bayonet, upper clear hopper ..), so base part can be used alone for single dosing or as a basis for further adaptors.

Adjustment is very very fine, the difference in grinding between 2 adjacent marks is barely noticeable, if ever. Movement of the adjusting slider is stepless, while lock (on the back of the grinder) is stepped to the marks on the slider, however slider holds the position without locking.

Waste tray holds in place by magnet (nice feature)

What I like:
- grinding quality;
- grinding speed;
- low noise;
- display operating, timers, menu ...

What I do not like:
- feel of a slider moving (i.e. adjustment) is a bit spongy to my (very demanding) taste. This doesn't matter that much, because, as mentioned above, there is no noticeable diffence between 2 marks, and if the slider lock is turned on, slider is locked to the nearest upper mark by motor start or stop.
- dead space around upper burr, which unnecessarily increases total retention. I see that as a stupid design flaw on otherwise nice chamber design.

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I measured total retention just once, earlier. I removed all coffee from the grinder, removed flapper, cleaned the grinding chamber, chute and spout with vacuum cleaner, so the grinder was totaly clean. Then I put 10.01g in, grinded it as a single dose and weighted the output, 4.12g. Total retention was ca. 5.9g, but now I'm not 100% sure, if I waited long enough to purge all grinded coffee from the chamber (i.e. 25s or even longer).


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Temporary small hopper.
For time grinding temporary I use weight loaded small hopper made for Fiorenzato until final one is finished.


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When is this expected to be available in the US, and at what pricing?