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malling wrote:From the pictures and information provided it only looks like there is a small difference in the design of the hoppers and adjustment collars, so yes you do seem to pay allot extra for the branding, as you always do with Mahlkonig.

But as always the actual price will drop after a few months, so I'll expect the two grinders to be within a narrower price range down the line. However Anfim is the cheaper brand of the 3, so a price difference is to be expected.

K30 can be had for €1699 so it's actually cheaper then a normal K30, €300 cheaper than the air version, additional €1000 cheaper than the V2. However none of those prices are MRP, so the €1599 MRP is not the price we will end up paying.
Great info! Thanks a ton ...


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The anfim has no stepless grind adjustment.

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Just looked at the Anfim site & the Manual is available for that grinder. I believe there is a lock that has to be un-locked to adjust the grind, but the adjustment is referred to as a slider. Where are you seeing that it's stepped? The manual mentions moving to the desired mark, but it doesn't say it is stepped. I was thinking if it were stepped there wouldn't be a lock, but notches that the slider sits in. Does that make sense?

Keep in mind the Mahlkoenig grinders have (except for the GH2) Ditting burrs too when you're considering price / performance.


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I talked to a vendor of Mahlkönig and anfim. But i think he is wrong. Found this:

Anfim's PRATICA combines traditional Italian design with fresh on-demand grinding. It features hands-free operation through start-stop-automation and is equipped with a user-friendly interface that provides presets for individually programmable recipes. With its re-designed grinding discs geometry, durable built-quality and the new smooth stepless grind adjustment, the PRATICA is a top choice for demanding professional baristas

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That print you quoted makes more sense, maybe the graduated marking on the front was what that rep was trying to communicate?

Going from stepless to stepped would be a step back, no? Lets see if that joke gets me banned...


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According to anfim the burrs between the two grinders are different. Not only the material, also the burr profile differs.


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I wonder why the rep is not more specific

Different in what you way ... at least the material should be easy to be named more specifically

Re profile, at least some comments in what way it is different or more suitable would be helpful

At the moment I feel like they have to say that so that some people still want to buy the MK version

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I mean, they're even using the same press release on the same day. I don't expect there to be a lot of difference between the two. :D ... onigs-e65s ... ica-solida
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I ordered a Mahlkönig e65s. It will probably arrive in the first weeks of August. For more unimodal grind i will most likely equip the Mahlkönig proM/ kenia like burrs to have a ek43 style of espresso.

Sadly I found no vendor for the anfim pratica grinder in Germany.


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Any idea if or when this grinder will launch in the US?