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GregoryJ wrote:The materials and the handle length. I didn't mind the aluminum outer body, but after using the M47 I really didn't like the feeling of the catch cup on the traveler.
Is the handle shorter? That could be a concern. Also, I admit that the catch cup being lightweight plastic isn't ideal for the traveler but I'm willing to live with, though your point is duly noted.

Primarily I was comparing the traveler and the Phoenix, so I apologize for not being clear. The standard is in a league of its own


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I think the handle on the traveler is a tad bit shorter, but I haven't seen any complaints about it!


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Static catch Jar good or bad?
After grinding 21+ grams and brew the coffee, I try to tapping the catch jar and brush the fines grind from the grinder totally around 1.2 gr of mostly fines, the coffee in the cups really good, the flow rate also good...

Now I don't know more static catch jar help too reduce the fines in the brewing process or less static catch jar getting more fines at the end result


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I measured 1g of fines at a 20g dose, so it's pretty consistent with your findings. If you use RDT to reduce the static electricity, the fines will be in your cup. You will lose a way to separate them from the rest of the grounds.

But discarding the fines from the catch cup and burrs is actually reducing the fines by a lot (1g is a lot of fines), so, until I find a better way (sieving is too complicated imo), this is the best option for me.
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I do like the finding, especially I don't have the kruve and I don't like the extra work sieving more things to it the same condition with the magnetic catcher or the magnetic has less static and getting more fines?


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I wanted to ask if anyone has had a problem with the grind setting slipping when grinding dense light roasts for espresso? This has now been a constant problem for me. If I just casually tighten down the grind adjustment screw on top then I will have it slip about 5-6 clicks. If I tighten it down as hard as I can or I think is safe (as much as the rubber spacer/o-ring will allow me to I will still get 1-2 ticks coarser by the time I am finished grinding.

This is more of a problem for espresso than it is for filter.
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I've read some have that problem, with the "big" M47. No idea what could be done about it though.. I for example do not have it with my M47. Have you reached out to Kinu?


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I do not have niter that problem and I have ground plenty of times light roast for espresso.


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Finally someone made the lid from food grade material, still on shipping, next week will be arriving...they made for 2 model Travel & M47 / Phoenix.

You can find their IG Account Broken.Gooseneck, they ship worldwide....
They local Indonesia distributor don't have many colors...




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Yan wrote:Finally someone made the lid from food grade material...

So easy to just make one yourself with some silicone sheet material and a hobby knife. It takes a few minutes. Then several hours for curing the silicone adhesive to attach a little grab tab.

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