New Kinu m47

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#1: Post by ash4889 »

I changed from the Niche Zero(it was fantastic)to a manual grinder, didn't really need a electric grinder anymore.
After doing 3 shots I miss it though, but I'm getting a work out and I love the quality of the shots even more......


#2: Post by cskorton »

I'd love to hear you compare and contrast your Kinu and other grinders including the SSP burrs you own. I think that's be a huge benefit to the community.

I own a Kinu m68, and absolutely love it, no issues or complaints. But I've unfortunately been bitten by the curiosity bug by wondering if I'm missing anything from a flat.

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#3: Post by Ken5 »

You love the quality of the shots more with the Kinu?

Difference between grinding 14g and 18g is 10 turns of the handle, 5 seconds. I have the kinu and grind 18g.

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ash4889 (original poster)

#4: Post by ash4889 (original poster) »

Hi Chris
As I said in the video I've owned the Niche before which was another Burr grinder, Only reason I got rid of it is I never liked the black color wanted to get the white one. It was just taking a little bit too long to get, So I sold mine for $800 started to get curious of what else is out there. I don't really make a lot of shots so decided manual is the best for now, I've always enjoyed milk based cups but with this grinder I now enjoy simple espresso shots. After I grind the coffee before I would taste bitterness, now it's entirely different like I've never enjoyed coffee so much before. By the way I ordered it from the manufacturer in Germany, It was less than a week after I received it and I didn't pay that much.

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#5: Post by Ken5 »

Hi Doug,

I am guessing that in your first video you started shooting after you Already ground half the beans in your Kinu? In the second video you went twice as long and spun the handle twice as much. If not I wonder why such a difference.

Strange thing is I use 18g and it takes just seconds and just a few more turns than in your first video. Maybe it has something to do with my robot.


#6: Post by jpender »

I've never seen specs on the throughput for the Kinu M47. It's obviously going to vary by grind size. But bean size might also be a factor in how efficiently it feeds.

In that second video the OP cranked the grinder about 110 revolutions for 14.2g.
I counted 100 revolutions this morning with my Kinu for 18.1g (for a Robot).

I've been saying "KIH-noo". That's American English phonics. But it's a German company so it's probably "KEE-noo".

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#7: Post by Ken5 »

Thanks John,

I have been getting between 63 and 73 with 18g on my kinu. Does not change much with grind size, though with one bag months ago I was up near 100. Probably as you said, bean size? Or roast level? The beans I have been using lately are peaberry size beans from caffe lusso, though I just went through a bag with bigger beans and that is where I was in the low 70's.

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ash4889 (original poster)

#8: Post by ash4889 (original poster) »

Hi Ken
One of the reasons I'm not too eager to do a second shot, but I set the grinder on 0 after turning the setting one revolution. I used Starbucks Blonde espresso roast if that explains it. But even with all the quirks associated with hand grinding, still love it over any other method I've used in the past. Also just love the looks smell and taste of the espresso, than I have ever in the past............Congratulations Kinu for making a excellent product.....
BTW I bought it for $368 shipping included, double checked took around 5 days from Germany.


#9: Post by jpender »

Huh... I'm sure it's faster with a drip grind but maybe within the espresso range it doesn't matter that much?

In any case I love grinding with my Kinu. I think it feels good to turn that crank. I usually only do 2-3 shots of 18-20g each day. But if my wife drank coffee I'd gladly crank off a few doses more. I'm happy to grind like a monkey.

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#10: Post by Ken5 »

I am grinding for espresso, not drip.

I really like using the kinu too! It is easy and quick to grind, and usually what I put in 'all' comes out and if it doesn't it is usually stuck to the wheel sticking out under the burrs and rubs right off.