New Kinu M47 Phoenix grinder

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Hi all. Long time reader, first-time poster.

Looks like Kinu announced this at the Berlin World of Coffee show today: ... 0580962400

The product page is up on their Website, and it looks like they are taking orders: ... Product=24

Can't wait to hear impressions from the HB community. Is it the "Goldilocks" M47 grinder? Priced at less than $200, bigger than the Traveler for those worried about capacity, not quite as large (and expensive) as the original due to what looks like some less expensive materials, but with the same burrs and adjustment mechanism? Fingers crossed! :D

p.s. They picked the perfect product name given their factory/warehouse fire.
p.p.s. I first heard about the Phoenix in the post about the M47 Traveler:
New Kinu M47 Traveler


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It is interesting that they took away the thumb stop, as that was kind of their "thing". It looks it would be a solid choice for someone considering a new grinder. It looks like the top plastic piece has 5 spokes going into the center, hopefully everything underneath that is still steel.


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Any more details on this new Phoenix grinder? What are the major differences between this and the original M47? Or between this and the traveler? What's the target audience for this?


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Looks nice it's going to render the OG m47 redundant, probably too much competition from the others and the super high price point.

Imo, just like lido, no need for 2,3,E. Just sell the ET lol, and make a even smaller travel grinder. All they need to do is reduce the length of the shaft and catch up.


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As a new traveler user, a bit curious about the Phoenix version is it the same burr geometry? Is it the silicon ring comfortable enough for grinding light roast beans?

The thumb stoppers in traveler is my favorite features it really help the grinding light roast beans.


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I'm interested in the burr department as well. In the Traveler thread, one guy says currently it is equiped with the regular espresso burrs (as with Traveler/Classic) but they will be offering a brew burrset later on.. I don't know where he got the info (maybe he went to the show?) but would be really interested if the burrset (both cone and ring burrs) is replaceable.


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GregoryJ wrote:It is interesting that they took away the thumb stop, as that was kind of their "thing". It looks it would be a solid choice for someone considering a new grinder. It looks like the top plastic piece has 5 spokes going into the center, hopefully everything underneath that is still steel.
Thumb stop doesnt work that well.
Works better a knuckle stop, under index finger knuckle for me.

Really needs grippable surface

Could knurl the metal, or use rubber or foam

You cannot be all things to all people, thats a recipe for mediocrity long term. I see kinu heading that way now. If you sell cheap items, you give up being seen as quality leader. Apple has managed this well. GM...didnt

The making of coffee via handgrinder involves more than
Grinding, its a tactile sensory process. Cheap lightweight construction will never fulfill this. I cannot express enough how much more pleasurable my hefty kinu m47 grinds than the feldgrind i passed to my son.

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As with the other Kinus, I've had the Phoenix for about a month now. I am the one who does the photos for their website, so I actually had the product before it was launched.

As far as I can see in the actual product, the burrs are exactly from them. Also other components are shared with the large M47. The adjustment mechanism, axle, handle etc. I've talked a lot with them about this grinder at woc and from what I understood, it's a grinder that serves two needs. It is a lot cheaper than the M47 and it can be built with the equipment they currently have and that was not destroyed in the factory fire.

So the grind is just as the M47 or the Traveler. It's 700g but the size of the M47. The grip is good with the rubber band so I didn't find it hard to grind with it. The cup has the same o-ring design as on the Traveler (although it doesn't go as deep inside the grinder body as the Traveler).
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Based on conversations with the US contact, and as was previously noted, the grind quality will remain the same between all M47 models, but some of the materials are different when you go down the line. Personally, I think I'd prefer the larger capacity over all metal construction, though I certainly can understand that others may feel differently. Will be replacing my M47-t with the M47-P shortly.


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M47 is top of my list right now, in fact I would have already bought one if they were in stock in the USA right now. The Phoenix has me interested though. While I don't love the slightly reduced build quality, I do like the larger capacity and wonder if the lower price would balance things out.
Now that I've been unable to purchase the M47 I've also drifted into considering a Baratza Sette or even the Niche Zero. While I'd all but decided to go manual for slightly better value and more importantly durability, I know my partner would much prefer the convenience of automatic.
I'm working the overnight shift for the next two weeks which generally has an affect of my thinking. I've also set that as my purchasing timeline. It'll be interesting to see what I end up going with. 8)