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#91: Post by autoexec »

Yan wrote:May I know if you had the classic why still buying the travel? Is it because more compact?
I'm interested in what Kinu could offer for a portable and cheaper grinder. Plus, that was the time where their factory got burned and I wanted to show some support.


#92: Post by jquark »

radu wrote:So,

1) There is no play in the Phoenix, just like there is no play on any other Kinu. The axle is mounted on a bearing that's mounted on the plastic 5-spoke piece. From what I see the aligning is just as good as the other ones and there is no play.

2) The body is Stainless Steel. You can't deform stainless steel with your hands (maybe unless you're The Hulk). I did not check thickness, but it's still impossible to deform.
Thanks @radu , much appreciated. Since you own all three Kinu M47 variants, which one(s) do you find yourself reaching for the most and for what brewing methods? Just really trying to narrow done the Phoenix vs. Traveller debate in my head.


#93: Post by matiasfh »

I'm in the market for a new (first) grinder.
I was looking at the Phoenix.
How this will perform for aeropress and v60 and a future gaggia classic pro?
Is changing the settings too often a problem?(Several times a day?)

How much effort it takes to grind 30gr medium roast beans? For pour over and espresso size?

I'm in the fence between this high quality grinder and some little less quality but electric.


#94: Post by matiasfh »

Well...finally pull the trigger and today I received the Phoenix. Really nice experience grinding with it.. Almost no effort and very good result.
Happy customer


#95: Post by tarzan_monkeyman »

For those with the Phoenix, what do you have your grind settings at? For my flair pro it seems to be in the 2.9-3.4 range, haven't done much v60s yet but that seems to be around the 4.0-4.5 range.


#96: Post by Yan » replying to tarzan_monkeyman »

Flair same 3.2-3.4
V.60 4.5-5.2
Kalita Wave / Chemex > 5.5
Do you enjoy the Phoenix?


#97: Post by slickmamba »

Hey guys, so I decided to clean take apart my phoenix and after putting it back together my kinu zeros completely fine, but now I grind a full rotation more.

When I first got it, I was brewing around 1.9(+/- 0.0.2), after putting it back together I am around 2.9. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Also, how consistent are the kinus when changing brew method (Espresso to v60). I've been using my old hario skerton for aeropress/v60, but its such a PITA id rather just adjust the phoenix.


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#98: Post by guijan12 »

I'm not sure if the Phoenix build is the same as the 'normal' Kinu.
Mine is from the beginning of 2018.

Being a technician I like to know how its build and took mine completely apart.
Including the lower bearing.
When it was assembled again I noted the same as. you do.
So I had to take it apart again and really hammered the lower bearing in place.
That did the ck and its still fine.

Not sure if you took it out or if its even possible with the Phoenix, though :)



#99: Post by Yan »

I am with travel version and I don't really have a gut to release the outer burr, just clean everything without releasing the outer burr, so far so good in pour over v.60 & kalita, no RDT, let the fines stuck in grinder & catch jar too reduce the fines, the burr lock in 0.0.


#100: Post by homehlmad »

Is the catch cup and overall chamber larger than the M47 T?