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Has anybody heard anything more about the reported brew burr set? I'm wondering if they'll somehow make it swappable à la Helor, or if they'll sell it as a different version of the phoenix. I messaged Kinu on facebook a few days back but unsurprisingly it's been radio silence.


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erik82 wrote:Ive owned the normal M47 but for pourover would definitely go for the Commandante MK3. The Kinu works better for espresso but the Commandante is way better for pourover.
What would you recommend for a 50:50 split of pour over to espresso? M47 or Commandante?


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Honestly. I've had both grinders and the commadante IS better for pourover, but it's not anything mind blowing, it's because the commandante has less fines at pourover settings, that's the only difference.

With the M47 Pheonix I just let the fines stick to the lid and don't tap hard on it and I have the same result as my commandante. It's kind of funny how that works as a fix, but it does.

Update to kinu's response on the grinder alignment.

Hi Soharu,

thank you for your interest.

The "classic'' M47 have morse cone principle and the Phoenix have same axle and adjustment wheel but the bolts that are made in metal and are press fit and conical are changed to plastic components made by a big hopper in ABS plastic where the ,,bolts'' are implement inside as well the lower part where the burr set in installed.

At final, the Phoenix have near the same perfect alignment...

You are welcome to test the Phoenix or to go with the ,,Lion'' of the grinders , the M47. :-)

That was there response to me, pardon there English as it's not there main language whatsoever.


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Thanks for the info, and yes same here with my traveler RDT and not tapping is the simple way to reduce the fines...


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I think, in this case, you should skip the RDT. The thing with not tapping anything is that you allow fines to stick to the cup walls and the burrs. But RDT does a good job of eliminating static. So you will have a lot less fines that stick to the grinder.

If you skip RDT, you will have a lot more fines that you can just throw away, leaving you with an even better grind for pourover.
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Ok thanks for the info...this only for drip/pour over or same as let's say for flair no need the RDT?


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I use this for espresso as well. As with all things coffee related, taste is a combination of more than one element. Reducing fines can have a good or a not so good result, according to the other elements that go in. The coffee you use, dose / brew ratio etc...

So just try it for the coffee you're using and see the difference. you should get a little faster shot with a bit more brightness (but it's really up to the coffee you have). If it pours too fast you can add an extra gram of beans (because you're discarding some fines) or grind just a little bit finer.
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I will try latter, Thanks


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Phoenix has finally landed, looks good and has a nice heft. I was dumb and confused why it was grinding so fine at a 5. So after I did some research I found out you are suppose to rotate the whole dial thing a few times to get something other than fine powder. Set it to a 4.5 for my aeropress tomorrow to make my first cup. Will report back.


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How's the total capacity?