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#231: Post by arcus »


Thanks for the updates! I just pre-ordered the 83mm so, needless to say, I'm reading these updates with great interest.


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TomC (original poster)
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I wouldn't rule out the silicone spray, but would rather find a different solution. I know, like the early Pharos that came with a reflex hammer, the same thing would work well with the HG-One. A thick rubber piece would make a bit less ringing and loud noise as whacking it with a wooden handle brush like I have been.

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#233: Post by bostonbuzz »

I wonder how much better the 83mm burrset would be doing?
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TomC (original poster)
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#234: Post by TomC (original poster) »

I still think it's primarily coffee dependent. I had many roasts, home roasts or purchased, that didn't have this problem. This is Herkimer Espresso Blend. Great stuff. This is the 9th shot I've ground today.

I weighted 15.15g on my little AWS diamond scale. This is what landed in the basket.

Here's how the static pulls the grounds away from the center and they land on the ridge or on the base of the unit.

Here's what the dosing funnel looked like.

Ignore the final weight on the scale in the last picture. The scale turned off after I was fiddling with everything, so I turned it back on, but now it's weighing everything.

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#235: Post by Bob_McBob »

That kind of static retention seems like a fairly major design issue, even if it is intermittent and relatively easy to dislodge.

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TomC (original poster)
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#236: Post by TomC (original poster) »

And problem solved:

Same coffee, same everything, done about 20-30 minutes later....

And after grinding.

Retention is even less.

Thank you Andy Schecter, for sharing this awesomely easy trick just now, from your troves of info from back in 2005.

"From David Ross, fixing static in grinders: Add one or two droplets of water to the beans before grinding."

Now it doesn't matter what coffee I put thru the grinder.Pretty cool.

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#237: Post by arcus »

Very cool!

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TomC (original poster)
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#238: Post by TomC (original poster) »

So, curiosity got to me. The grinds visually seemed to fall into nicer concentric piles after this tweak. I was hoping to be able to skip the WDT of the basket. Here's what I got.

Nearly zero grind retention, less than .01g. I did 5 test batches but I'm not going to upload each shot, it would be too redundant.
14g dose adjusted grinder to pull a 28g shot in about 25 seconds.

Quite an improvement from before. I should note, this doesn't account for the miniscule droplet of water, but water is dense and would bump the number a bit. But there were no grounds clinging to the bottom of the grind pathway either.

No WDT at all. Just a brief shake side to side once to settle them out and a tap on the counter. Looked even, but clearly microfines aren't visible to the naked eye.

Five different batches all tamped with various firmness didn't seem to alter the outcomes.

I feel bad enough tossing 5 shots worth of beans down the drain and I have to work tomorrow morning, so I needed to stop for the night. Tomorrow night when I get home I'll repeat the test with the quick whisking motion to redistribute and snaps some pictures. I wish I could film a video with a timer showing the overall process. It's still pretty quick since once you know you're not retaining a ton of grinds into the funnel, you can skip the post grind weighing process. I still wish I had the lower dosing addition with me to play with too.

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#239: Post by dsc »

Seems like it needs WDT in order to work at all, judging from the photos, it was gusher night last night. Were all 5 shots done with a droplet of water added to the beans?


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#240: Post by iginfect »

Tom C said
Herkimer Espresso Blend. Great stuff.
Thanks for the compliment but I don't remember sending you any of my beans. By the way, I pass that bridge on the label every day.

Marvin, Herkimer NY