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Came across this new Ceado grinder on a tip from a friend in Italy. The website has a few specs but mostly marketing fluff. Apparently Ceado had it at HOST Milano last month, so hopefully we'll be seeing some in-person impressions soon.

50mm burrs, doserless, 2 programmable grind-time settings, looks like a single-dose bellows is an official accessory. It reminds me a lot of the Eureka Mignon series, in form factor and user interface. It could be an interesting entry-level grinder alternative if the grind quality is there.
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Not the worst looking design I've seen, cute little thing.


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Hi there,

Just saw this relatively new grinder from Ceado and their model is called 'life'. It promises huge versatility, as you could brew your espresso shots as well as grind coffee for your V60.

I was wondering how it performs with regards to retention and overall experiences shared on this forum?

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AFAIK, that grinder has not been imported to North America. FYI, I've merged your new thread into the existing one on the same topic.
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