New Eureka Mignon Single Dose Grinder

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#1: Post by denkigroove »

Anyone seen or has more info on the new Eureka Mignon Single Dose that they are teasing on their FB and IG page? I like the wood accents giving it a "Niche-style". Also, Eureka confirmed it would come with 65 mm flat burrs. :P

Looks great and a direct competitor to the Niche. Also they mentioned the single dose hopper would be available separately too!

I just got a Specialita last week and looking to add the 3d single dose hopper but I may just wait a bit longer if they are indeed offering the single dose hopper to existing owners. :D


#2: Post by coffeechan »

Excited to see this. I had only heard of the Zeus concept grinder for single dose. Keeping it within the Mignon line should keep the price from being too high I hope. Lately I've been wanting a flat burr single dose grinder and this would be an attractive option. Hopefully this means that its soon to be rolled out.


#3: Post by AJ_Grey »

This looks intriguing. This feels like a step up for the DF 64 and and below the Lagom P64 and targeted right at the NZ. How are the Mignons for retention now? Would this be a step up from that?


#4: Post by coffeechan »

If we look at the Mignon Oro XL performance and extrapolate from there, the performance could be excellent with around a 0.2g retention or maybe even less with this design. The design seems to draw heavily from the the single dose flat burr grinders that have made their way to market in a Mignon chassis. I expect a premium as this is a smaller subset of the market, hopefully not too much. :roll:


#5: Post by CantinaCoffee »

Really interested in this...... so many single dose options now. It's starting to look like I might buy 3 or 4 single dose grinders and keep my favorite. Niche, Turin, Weber, Eureka...


#6: Post by SandraF »

Well, I watched a video from Clive Coffee recently saying how great the Atom 75 was at single dosing! Their video was edited, not showing exactly how many grams in & how many out. If you look at their older videos on setup of the Atom 75, the presenter said that the grinder works "best with 4 oz beans in the hopper". I agree with this statement by far, as I've tried single dosing on the Atom 75 with unimpressive results.

This new upcoming grinder sure looks interesting.


#7: Post by malling »

I wish it had 64mm not 65mm burrs as that would perhaps allow the use of SSP burrs. But as of now SSP dos not make Eureka specifik burrs this seize, they only make for the the 74mm grinders.

I don't fine "eureka" burrs to particular excellent at scandinavian light roast.


#8: Post by heytchap »

I wonder how much this will be :?:


#9: Post by GeorgeP922 »

This is excellent news. It brings me great joy to finally see a small sub 1K PRODUCTION LEVEL normal marketing single doser.
I truly hope from the bottom of my capitalism loving heart that the CEO's at the "boutique" "hype" grinder manufactures are sweating bullets now.
The fact this press release came out the same day Niche did another nonsense preorder is hilarious.

Eureka bosses, if you are reading thank you for contributing this to our scene.
Aside from Ceado you are the only Italian/EU firm producing a single doser, this one looks like it will be 1000 or less.
Hopefully the rest of the "normal" grinder companies will follow your lead and we will have a competitive new segment made in the EU.

For those that really want the boutique grinders, upside is the used prices will certainly drop if this and other competitors suceed and suck away demand.


#10: Post by LObin »

AJ_Grey wrote:This looks intriguing. This feels like a step up for the DF 64 and and below the Lagom P64 and targeted right at the NZ. How are the Mignons for retention now? Would this be a step up from that?
Can I ask how do you see this as a step up from the DF64/G-iota?

Since we don't yet know the RPM, db, wattage, dose consistency, dose exchange and total retention, I feel like it's a bit early to consider it a step up.

DF64 has stock TiN coated burrs that have longer life than the DLC Eureka burrs (it's a small upcharge). Like malling noted, there are not many 65mm compatible burrs out there. On the other hand, there are some really great 64mm options for the DF64, SSP to name one.

We also know the sound level, retention, and other good and not so good things about the DF64.

I do prefer the look of the Mignon SD (it looks rather good, even though it's basically a Mignon, with wood accents on a slated base) and believe the grind adjustment might be more precise.
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