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Nwin23 wrote:Is everyone aware that apparently there are two zero retention grinders coming out?

The mignon Oro and the mignon zero.
No, I was not aware! So they do have a cheaper Specialita in the works. Interesting.

Really curious if they made any changes to the exit chute or the chamber for SD.


#182: Post by malling »

Eureka use 3 setup for their mignon series a 310w at 1350rpm either with 50 or 55mm burrs, the Zero will be the 11 grinder with that body and configuration, meaning it should be relatively easy to mod one of the existing 10 into a Zero if you already have one, the Zero is fundamentally just a package solution for those who don't already own such a Mignon.

And a newly developed beefed up version with 320w at 1650rpm with 65mm diamond inside burrs, that we now find in both XL and SD and probably more down the line if Eureka do what they always do release new version with very minor modifications.

And the old entry point that isn't relevant in this discussion.

Most parts body, dial, exit cute, top plate, front plate, hopper etc. seem to be the same with very minor modifications. Somehow it reminds me of how Sony and allot of very big companies do it, so good strategy from them well from a financial point anyway.


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In that IG on the Zero, someone asked if the existing Mignons can be modified to single dose with the new accessories. Their response was coy. It could be just marketing speak, or maybe there really are some functional differences that they don't want to spell out in detail.


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Of cause it can, I seen so many mignon and As I wrote the difference is minor. But they earn more by letting you buy a new one, sometimes it just requires you to be somewhat handy.


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I present to you the new Mignon Stark. Have at it. :lol: :lol: :lol:


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With some red accents, it could look a little like the Iron Man suit.. Maybe Marvel will sue over the name and the resemblance...


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K7 wrote:Mikkel,
I present to you the new Mignon Stark. Have at it. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Eureka never disappoint in predictability, now that is the third iteration of their Mignon in the Odo line, all boosting the exact same motor and burr set up.

I wander what difference there is between this and the XL besides shininess, but if that isn't some unobtanium then it's not a real stark grinder.


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It looks like the only difference is a rubber-coated portafilter holder??


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And "a dedicated chrome alluminium base, for an higher stability and reliability, together with a polished aluminum."


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LMWDP #724