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imager wrote:Thanks guys for that advice. I'll wait for the grinder comparison and reviews. Makes sense.
After reading more which is part of the fun I am debating indeed Cremina vs. EXM Synchroncia but it seems not all of them come with a flow regulator on the group head?
I'm a huge lever head. An Olympia Cremina is a dream machine for a lot of people, understandably. Some of the best shots I've had were pulled on my 79 Europiccola which has a very similar profile.

But... There's a certain level of temperature surfing and a lack of flexibility when compared with the Synchronica (with added flow control) or the Bianca. Those will allow you to pull larger ratio espressos and allongées if it's your thing. Temperature control is a breeze. But they pack more electronics and parts that can/will inevitably fail overtime. Although there are no red flags with any of these, au contraire, they are some of the best in their category. A Cremina may only need new seals and relubing if proper water is used. Olympia build their machines to survive a nuclear blast. There are numerous Olympias still in use that were manufactured in the 90s, 80s and all the way back to 1967.

Again, if you're into light and omni roasts, allongées or turbo shots, you might want to look into a grinder that can be retrofitted with unimodal burrs like the SSP multipurpose (DF64, Kopi, etc.) Not that you can't pull those on a Niche or on a more conventional flat burr. Unimodal burrs are often perceived as a better fit for modern espressos and roasts.
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I'm eager to read actual experience from owners of this machine. Lots of complaining about it....from people who have used it?


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I for one think the enthusiast grinder segment is full of BS/hype/pumping.

I'm very happy with my single dosed Specialita, but I might upgrade to this mainly for the accessories, looks, and a small workflow improvement. Right now my setup looks like a lab with an insecticide bellows, preheating vessels and tongs for the Robot, etc. I could use some cleaning up. Any improvement in cup quality would be a bonus. I might also revisit the slow feeding, unimodal grinding trick when I need to dose lower/grind finer but am stuck at 14g due to the Robot basket.


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Some of us started SD back in the days where there where no such thing as a SD grinder or even a premium handgrinder, then got to experience those and perhaps have no real desire to take a step backwards to a more lengthy faff routine with bellows and brushes that we started out with, why would you go back if there are other and better choices, it could perhaps be the reason then just the B word that you used.

I'm not a huge fan going that much backwards and on top be charged for it, because you achieve fundamentally the same thing with a cheaper grinder not made for the purpose with bellows that you purchased yourself, that was why we used it, because we knew the grinder where not fit for purpose and wanted to use it in a way it was not intended or design for, it says a thing or two about a new grinder that comes equipped with it, just saying.

Sorry for actually wanting to get better value for money, if we don't express our thoughts and say what we want in a product then we are never going to get it.

The hype frankly is more in the upper end, where you pay allot for diminishing returns both in the world of espresso machines and grinders, there, there might be a bit tendency to exaggerate the benefit in the cup of the equipment but the grinders are certainly better built and generally more pleasing to use for some that in itself is worth the additional price. With something like the Lagom64 you basically won't gain anything major then other grinders with the same burrs in the cup, but you gain a better build, a more enjoyable routine for some that is worth it others not they rather take the more faff routine and save the cash, I was personally hoping for something in the middle as we already got mod capable grinders or something like the G-Iota and er are about to get additional two Lagom64'ish grinders this is basically just an expensive G-Iota in fancy dressing, personally I hoped for something in between for a reasonable price like what Niche managed to do with the Zero.


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Wut? lol
Sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say.
You seem to suggest we are getting "charged for it" as if this new SD version costs more. (Pardon me if I misunderstood)
They actually *reduced* the price by going SD. At ECS, the regular XL goes for 563 euros. This SD version here is listed at 520.
Apparently losing the touchscreen interface is a big saver. I suspected this so I had been wondering why in the world Eureka don't introduce a simpler SD version of the Specialita earlier. They finally did at least with the XL.


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It cost exactly the same in my region as the XL and Oro SD both is €600-650 included vat this is from official reseller and not dusky companies like ECS.


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LOL, you wrote two long essays bashing a grinder you have never used nor seen inside of. Now ECS is a "dusky" company? :lol:
From what I've seen, they move a LOT of those Eurekas and they come with 1 yr manufacturer's warranty (2 yrs for EU).
I doubt they can do that without being an "official reseller".

[EDIT] To be clear, I'm NOT endorsing ECS here. There are good reasons one may want to buy from a local dealer.


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Is everyone aware that apparently there are two zero retention grinders coming out?

The mignon Oro and the mignon zero.

It's my understanding the mignon Oro is similar to the XL with 65mm burrs whereas the Zero is similar to the Specialita minus the screen, thought it has a portafilter holder similar to the DF 64.

From some other reviews I've seen the Oro is $799 US, but I'm not sure of the price of the Zero.

The Eureka IG states they should be available in a few weeks but that's all I've seen...they also hint that you can buy the accessories.


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Eureka has already released a lot of SD accessories to the mignon series (SD hopper, bellows) so it's natural they will sell a all-in-one package with this I guess..


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This is the Mignon Zero

This Is Mignon Oro SD

Both has the blow up system as can be seen, the difference in body is the fact that the normal grinding housing has been "bolted/weld" on a base with an "ramp" end, you can clearly see it's two pieces on the picture, so they just took a Mignon style body and modified it so it could fit to this base. In fact it look to be identical with the mignon Zero, if you look closer.