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SoF wrote:Regarding the burrs, Etzinger call them "32mm" but it seems to me that it corresponds to the diameter of the base of the inner cone, whereas other manufacturers would call these 48mm burr sets referring to the flange diameter of the outer burr
Yes, I'm not sure if the 32mm is the ID of the ring burr or the OD of the cone burr for Etzinger. In any case, expect comparable size: LIDO 3 Pictures from SCAJ show in Japan (exact burrs for Knob and etz-I might differ slightly).


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Jonk wrote:It states CCW on Etzinger's website.
Unless I am mistaken that has recently been updated and now the website says:
    Retractable Crank Handle (125mm)
    RRB-mechanism by Etzinger (Rotating Ring Burr)
    Burrs (Diameter Cone): 32mm (by Etzinger) - NEW geometry: especially designed for etz-I
    Weight: 705g (Regular) / 665g (Trim)
    Widht: 62.5mm (Cup) - 55mm (Body Regular) / 48mm (Body Trim)
    Height: 220m (Handle retracted)
    Absolute Vernier Scale: 1-23 (88 settings à 0.02mm)
    Point of reference identical for all grinders
    Body: Anodised Aluminum, Movable Parts: FRP (Black)
    0.15-0.6g per revolution (depending on roast/setting)
    Magnetic Lid & Collection Cup
    Bean Capacity: around 30g
This is becoming very interesting and I am looking forward to seeing this grinder in operation

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Nice to see a Trim version also. Can't see any specific mention about burr rotation in the specs, but it still says CCW on (who knows if that's not updated or subject to change.. but I'm interested regardless of rotation)


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I'm definitely interested as well.
Pricing will heavily influence that, I have a lido E now, but the idea of similar but "updated"? Model sounds interesting to me.
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Daily Coffee News article on the grinder from a few days ago ... -grinders/ mentions US distributions will be made through but as far as I can tell they don't really seem to have a store, anyone know where to buy Etzinger grinders in the US?

Regarding CW vs CCW I'd obviously prefer CW too - and maybe they'll make a replaceable custom inverted burr set if it does well. Regardless I'm pretty confident I could get used to CCW.

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GHGBS has been responsive and helpful with my ordering of a different, little-known grinder.


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Looks like a beautiful design, but bizarre that they went with counter clockwise rotation, instead of just machining a mirror image of the burrs.

Personally, I wouldn't buy a CCW hand grinder, but I would consider spending a bit more money for this grinder if it had CW rotation ($200 up to $250 or something like that). Perhaps the tooling/machining costs were prohibitively expensive. :/