The new DF83v

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As suspected by many with the release of the DF64v featuring variable RPM, a version of the DF83 has followed in the DF83v

From 300-1600rpm, verticle burrs with quite a different aesthetic. Should be interesting!

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Wow, that is a big leap from DF83 compared to the leap from DF64 to DF64V. :shock: The word "metamorphose" comes to mind.

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I think "metatimemorephasis" is more accurate :)


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I hated my 1st Gen Df64 even with mods, most wonky ass clunky poor tolerance single dose grinder lol.

But this is interesting.

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Some of the grinders with "DF" on the box are made by Ningbo Frigga Electric Appliance. Who knows on the rest.

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The is probably the first DF I find remotely of interest had this came out last summer I would have gotten it instead of the Niche... as it has the orientation of burr I prefer.

It's very intriguing but you can't wait forever and I'm nit going to ship out a new acquired grinder because of a new fancy toy. Also their v1 been flawed so far so if this is like the rest probably worth waiting 6 months time. Also won't hit Europe before next year so.

I wonder if this hit the 1k mark

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It's as if EK Omnia, Zerno and Titus Nautilus had a child.

I'm super happy with more competition - it's us, users, who end up winning. Less than five years ago, there wasn't much choice for a single dosing grinders for home use. It was either super expensive, exclusive or just not designed for home use (Santos, EK, R120, etc...). I'm just hoping these new grinders have good QC and user experience.

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Super curious about this one.
- Jean