New Comandante MK4 grinder

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#1: Post by drH »

I noticed this post on Instagram referencing an updated Comandante MK4. The picture certainly shows some internal differences with the Mk3 that I have. No idea how much the burrs or other internals changed.


#2: Post by Pressino »

Makes sense that they've finally got around to redesigning their hand grinder. Not sure what changes are made, but probably to make it more usable for espresso. I' suspect some of their motivation for this redesign is competition from companies like 1-Zpresso. We'll see if they've managed to catch up. 8)


#3: Post by tglodjo »

I'd love to see external adjustment and a magnetic catch cup, but I doubt that'll happen. Looks like minor interior upgrade, though that IG pic doesn't give us much to go on.


#4: Post by Abecker »

It's listed for sale, but still not much info. ... -fineline/


#5: Post by coffeeOnTheBrain »

Someone in Thailand seems to know more than us :) ... 777421693/


#6: Post by Corradobrit »

Considering what 1Zpresso is offering I think the C40 prices itself out of the market. I don't see any value added here at all.


#7: Post by Ad-85 »

I doubt that the mk4 will be better for filter than mk3. Just don't listen to paid social media influencers who will storm the internet with their so called "reviews".
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#8: Post by HB »

Split follow-on discussion to New Etzinger etz-I grinder.
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#9: Post by Yan »

Capture from the DE site, wasn't drastically changed much...


#10: Post by AJ_Grey »

I just got my MK3 about 3 weeks ago. I'm enjoying it quite a bit but there is always that part of me that now wonders about technological obsolescence. Honestly my favorite thing is the Comandante wrist band. I put it on and I somehow believe I now have magic grinding powers.