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PS: Could you formulate the note that you expect on the issue you experienced.


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The customer isn't always right :P


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rennix wrote:Nonsense. There are ways to highlight specific issues to avoid in writing (like, having it...). Relying on nesting info ins YouTube video with poorly recorded audio for someone to listen to on a phone with our without other noise is an issue. You write a warning and put it in the box and you're set. Problems avoided.

As stated I work in the customer support and service design space at a high level and consult as an expert in my free time, I can tell you this is not how it works best. They follow zero best practices.

But yes, everyone else knows best :wink:
I also work as a consultant for improving business processes and do nothing else then consulting clients for over 15 years with companies having over 30.000 employees. And I have a PhD in Psychology so kind of know a bit or two about how the brain works and I completely disagree with you. It only sounds like you made a mistake and won't take responsibility. And if you're in customer support you should know that if a lot of people tell you one thing and you're the only one who thinks different then the majority is probably right. And admitting you made a mistake yourself is so important in consultancy and customer support as we're all humans. The videos clearly show how to put the washer in and they even tell you which side needs to be where so I don't get why you keep bashing Commandante as they did a very good job in making it clear how they must be placed.