New Chinese Single Dose Grinder

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Capuchin Monk

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This one may be new for this year but looks similar to DF64 and Lagom P64.
It's a bit pricey for Chinese design. I wonder if there is something to it. Anyone heard of it?


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I couldn't find if this grinder has been discussed here before, but it's not new. It has at least 5-6 months on the market. But I don't understand why it hasn't become popular. :shock: It is closer to Lagom P64 than DF64. LE: We can call it a clone of P64.
And that price is ridiculous (at that seller on AliExpress). On Alibaba this grinder is about 600$. :) For example here: ... nders.html

You can find many videos with this grinder on YouTube as Gluons G64 grinder (Gluons is one of the other sellers) or J20 grinder, for now (but who knows what other names it may have or will have). :lol: LE: And after seeing the videos you will understand that is a clone for P64.

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#3: Post by Jeff »

Visually very similar to P64
$1,256 + $142 shipping to US
"2022 New Arrival 64 Burr Electric Single Dose Espresso Coffee Grinder with LCD Display"
sold by "Chinese factory special store Store"

Amalfi AF007
Jaingsu Amalfi Machinery Equipment Ltd., based on other listings

Capuchin Monk (original poster)

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Thanks for the info.

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#5: Post by iploya »

Caveat emptor. A Rolex copy looks 98% like a real Rolex, and yet they are rarely even close in terms of quality.
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#6: Post by RedPanda »

98% is a near perfect copy which you cant tell a difference even in quality. And most watch copies are usually around 30-50% usually in the internals side.

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#7: Post by iploya replying to RedPanda »

Ha-ha, I agree. Most fake Rolex are about 10% of the quality. That's why I specifically said "looks 98% like" a real one. Especially in a low-res stock photo like the ones used on that website. The differences are more noticeable in person to the eye, and definitely in use," which is why the stock photo doesn't really provide much useful info. (That doesn't necessarily mean the knock-off Chinese grinder is as bad as a knock-off Rolex, it just goes to the caution of buyer beware.)


#8: Post by Milligan »

I wouldn't roll the dice on a grinder at that price point. I also don't support copy cats. I have yet to buy a "foreign"/no-name version of an item that was anywhere close to the same quality of the original manufacturer/brand. This applies broadly to any hobby or general product I've purchased in my life. You have a much better shot getting a decent product from simple items such as tampers or WDT, but a grinder is a complicated appliance with many fabricated parts and tight tolerances.

I'm not saying it is impossible for this to be a good value, but I wouldn't put my money near it.


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I was interested in this grinder too. I contacted the guy doing the videos. He was charging $650 +$250 shipping to USA. I'm still debating. The build seems good by the picture. I just don't like how the rpm control and on off are some sort of buttons. I may have to bite the bullet since p64 is hard to get in USA.

Capuchin Monk (original poster)

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p4lxrich wrote:since p64 is hard to get in USA.
That's why I started looking around.