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#11: Post by pnassmac » Nov 07, 2019, 11:27 pm

iploya wrote:I haven't dug too far into the details yet but at a glance this appears to be based on their popular E5P/E6P, same or similar chassis, same size burrs (yet coated)....and a stainless steel grounds cup like the Niche Zero. For all the discussion on what impact the Niche Zero would have on the market, I would say this is evidence it is already having an impact. Agree with the above poster this is a parallel step in the right direction for the home consumer.

Agreed. It looks very similar to my e6p v2 down to the catch tray. It's a fantastic grinder that I managed, simply due to good timing, purchase for 550 before the 300 dollar price bump.


#12: Post by Rocketlez » Nov 11, 2019, 3:24 pm

Looks really nice! Any news on a release date?


#13: Post by pnassmac » Nov 11, 2019, 4:23 pm

devlin2427 wrote:Ceado overusing buzz words, again...

If the bean feeding principle is the same as the regular nonSD grinder what makes this single dose appropriate?

That tiny bellows helps with retention but your beans are still jumping like crazy...
Assuming this E5SD is similar enough to the e6p v2, then it's possibly to practically eliminate the bean-jumping you claim. I single dose with no bean-jumping to speak of simply by resting my 58mm tamper in the throat of the opening to the burrs.

Additionally, you can keep the hopper on the grinder, if you wish, and significantly reduce the bean-jumping simply by closing the hopper valve after dumping in the single dose of beans.

I'm keen to know if the little catch-cup, cup rest, and cup hook are available for purchase separately. I think it's possible to keep an even neater appearance after grinding using the catch cup then dumping grounds into the PF.

I'm curious to also know if the bellows work better than a few hand palm-taps to the throat of the grinder...a technique I use now.

And finally, anti-oxidant burrs? Anyone have clue as to what that means?


#14: Post by devlin2427 » Nov 12, 2019, 6:12 am

Even with a tamper on top the beans are still getting randomly ground simply because there's no bean column to force them through. That's why "single dosing" requires a finer grind and the time spent for a dose varies. That affects the result you are getting in the cup because you basically alter the particle distribution.

On demand grinders are meant to be used with a hopper and with beans in the hopper. Replacing the hopper with a smaller one or adding bellows, are just marketing ploys to keep selling the same old design with some buzz words added for good measure.


#15: Post by pnassmac » replying to devlin2427 » Nov 12, 2019, 8:22 am

Functionally, the above is true to a point in that with the tamper in the throat of the grinder, a random grind (?) could be applied to the beans at the top of the bean column as they're fed into the burrs. Regardless, I've tried both and can comfortably state, I could not taste a difference in the cup.