New Ceado E37J trouble dialing in

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Hey y'all
I just bought a Ceado E37J grinder because I needed not to wake up the house with my coffee addiction Ceado is by far a quieter machine. I am new to the barista world. 6 months a go I bought a Rocket Espresso R58 and the Rancilio Rocky Grinder. I was able to pull pretty good shots after a few weeks. Issue is with the just purchased Ceado grinder. I have gone through 5 lbs of coffee and there is just no consistency. Weights differ, pull time differs, lots of channeling, taste is bitter.

My process - grind 18 g, distribute evenly with the ONA distribution tool, tamp with a 30 lb calibrated tamper on a tamper rest, beans are usually 6 to 15 days old from a local roaster (Colorado River Coffee Roaster).

I can use this process on the Rancilio grinder and I get great shots, same process using the Ceado grinder and I never know what I am going to get. I have adjusted the grind setting (about 10 different settings) and i may get a decent shot then i get bathed in espresso and have changed nothing. I have not yet been able to make even one espresso from the Ceado as good tasting as the Rancilio. Any help would be appreciated.


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Funny, I have exactly the same experience with my brand new Ceado E37S. I would dialled in the grinder now for the perfect shot, the next coffee extraction literally 2 hours later is way off, either too slow or too fast! I just don't get it anymore! is driving me MAD!


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Yeah well I like the grinder except for this. Not sure what to do. I have it some what dialed in but not perfect every time by any means. The taste is just not as good as the much cheaper Rancilio Rocky. What grinder did you use before you got the Ceado? I am wondering if even and when I do get it dialed in with consistency that I will trade the quietness for taste.


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Are you guys single dosing? Single dosing with such style of grinders will usually lead to such issues.


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Only when Iam trying to dial in so I dont waste beans.


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I have read a couple of times that grind size may vary on the same setting by changing from single dosing to hopper fed. You may want to try sticking to one or the other.

Another thing that could have an influence is burr seasoning. It has been suggested to run anywhere from 2-5kg of old beans before the grinder sets in and becomes constant.

I'm looking for others to chime in. I will soon receive my E37s replacement (due to a problem with the display : single shot light broke). I also have a Rocket R58, and will receive a pullman big step, chisel and basket. I'm looking forward to testing that all new setup, and anyone having experience on setting with this grinder is welcome.

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I got an E37J a little over a year ago. I tried to limit the beans in the hopper, while I dialed in new beans. It made me crazy. Ultimately I think breaking in the grinder and maybe the user has resolved my issues. I do think that keeping some quantity of beans in the hopper aids in consistency of the grind. I also came to realize that it may take 1 to 1.5 doses to "see" the full impact of of a significant setting change. I can not give you a good reason for that because the retention isn't that great— but at first I was chasing the the right grind setting coarser/finer/coarser/etc. and not getting there. After a week or so, I patiently learned what amount of adjustment gave what kind of results. Once I hit the correct setting, I have found my grind weight / time to be very consistent. Dialing in new coffees is never an issue now. The net is, I am very satisfied with the grinder, but I did have some early concerns.


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For hopper grinders manufacturers usualy recommend to keep at least 1/3 coffee in the hopper for consistent grinding. The other option is a small amount of coffee in a (special) small hopper and some weight put over the coffee column to simulate full hopper.


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I got 2 week ago the E37SD, no hopper single dose. I'm having problems dialing also. Extraction times are really off. 15 sec differential from each other, some times almost no difference, It is driving me crazy. I spoke with support and they told me that it could take up to 6 pounds to "seasoning" the grinder. I hope that is the problem. Otherwise is going back.


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Ok.. after months of research I bit the bullet and bought Ceado e37J. The Ceado won a tough battle over mazzer SJ electronic and zenith 65t. My buddy arrived few days back and it took me almost no time to dial in my first shot! It was clump free and in 11 seconds I ground 18g which resulted in 40g in cup in 28 secs! I thought my dream just came true and I'm set for life!

Next day - same settings, and I ground around 12g full of clumps in 11secs. I continued and ground 18g (in around 15 secs) with clumps, tamped and pulled a shot. To add to my disappointment, the shot almost free flowed into the cup. Since then I have changed any and all variables ranging from dose, to tamp to grind size to coffee beans! Checked with Ceado customer care and they suggested the same old "seasoning".
Now, what I am noticing is that there is always some coffee stuck behind the SCC flap. I believe that is causing some clumping, but don't know for sure. Also, I seem to be consistently getting 18g in roughly 15 secs, which is around 1.2g/s - far below what is advertised by Ceado and by the Ceado fans at WLL.

Has anyone experienced the same? Any words of advice will help!

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