Need help with Nuova Simonelli MDX grinder

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I recently bought a NS Mac 2000v and a Nuova Simonelli MDX grinder off marketplace and I recently had to take it apart due to pests. Now reassembling it I'm having trouble with the setting knob. Without the top burr installed I can freely adjust the bottom burr l, but once I attach the top burr I can no longer turn the knob to raise or lower the burr without extreme force.

I'm assuming this has to do with the washer and spring, and I cannot get it tuned in in right.

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This is my second post about my Mdx, I fixed the sticky disc at the bottom of the motor housing, and it still did not solve my problem. The burrs can't get close enough to grind, and the finer I set the dial, the motor starts whining until seizing. I also have to use quite a bit of force to get the dial to fine.

I cannot for the life of me get this grinder to work. I took this whole thing apart, down to the motor housing, I think my trouble lies within the three washers that were present and fell out before I could document where they were.

It was two wavy washers, and one flat washer. As of now I have one wavy washer right under the top housing resting on the motor. Then, in this order one wavy, one flat washer resting on the adjustable disc.

Does anyone have an MDX that could help me out, I can't say how many times I have taken this thing apart now...

Thank you


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Hi planetCruiser_89 :) any pictures you might have would assist greatly including the label plate. Calibrating a higher end machine like yours is important. With a Nuova Simonelli ("NS") MDX, the proximity of the upper and lower burrs during the reassembly of the burrs (leading up to when the top burr/carriage assembly is being screwed into place) is a possible fault source to consider.

There is shockingly little information available about this topic, even in Nuova Simonelli documents.

As you may notice, with the top burr off, you can still raise and lower the bottom burr using the fine-adjustment knob. This, it is suggested by many cleaning and maintenance internet sources, to result in change of the calibration of the grinder. When new from Nuova Simonelli, the calibration is precise. If you remove the top burr and just clean everything (with a brush) and don't turn the fine adjustment knob, or spin the bottom burr with your fingers, the calibration of the MDX should remain exactly as factory-set by NS when the top burr/carrier assembly is screwed back into place.

If the fine adjustment knob is turned after the top burr/carrier assembly is removed, that can possibly change the factory calibration by changing (raising or lowering) the proximity of the lower burr to the fixed upper burr. The upper burr will always be in the same position in relation to the entire Grinder; it is only the lower burr position in relation to the Grinder than can be changed using the fine-adjustment knob. It is speculated that the calibration (proximity of upper and lower burr) is therefore accomplished by raising or lowering the bottom burr when the upper burr/carrier assembly is not screwed in place. From the sounds of it, you will have to raise your lower burr a bit before screwing the top burr/carrier into place compared to what it is currently set for.

Maybe try to turn the fine-adjustment knob and raise the lower Burr a few millimeters (1/16th to 1/8th of inch) and then screw the top burr/carrier assembly back into place and see if you can get the two burrs to come closer into to proximity without having to apply force. You might have to remove the top burr a few times, raising the lower burr a bit each time, then replace the top burr, in order to get the upper and lower burrs proximity/calibration correct.

Take care, you do not want to ruin your burrs by having them chew each other up.

Force and high specification technology and engineering like your NS MDX might not be a good mix ;) Should adjust like butter, no force needed.

Someone here might be able to confirm if this will work (there are many very smart folks here ;) ) or whether this is way off and adjusting burr proximity can be accomplished in another way.