Need help with Nuova Simonelli MDX grinder

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I recently bought a NS Mac 2000v and a Nuova Simonelli MDX grinder off marketplace and I recently had to take it apart due to pests. Now reassembling it I'm having trouble with the setting knob. Without the top burr installed I can freely adjust the bottom burr l, but once I attach the top burr I can no longer turn the knob to raise or lower the burr without extreme force.

I'm assuming this has to do with the washer and spring, and I cannot get it tuned in in right.

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This is my second post about my Mdx, I fixed the sticky disc at the bottom of the motor housing, and it still did not solve my problem. The burrs can't get close enough to grind, and the finer I set the dial, the motor starts whining until seizing. I also have to use quite a bit of force to get the dial to fine.

I cannot for the life of me get this grinder to work. I took this whole thing apart, down to the motor housing, I think my trouble lies within the three washers that were present and fell out before I could document where they were.

It was two wavy washers, and one flat washer. As of now I have one wavy washer right under the top housing resting on the motor. Then, in this order one wavy, one flat washer resting on the adjustable disc.

Does anyone have an MDX that could help me out, I can't say how many times I have taken this thing apart now...

Thank you