Need help with alignment on DF64

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Hi all, I am a bit frustrated trying to align the stock burrs on my DF64. I tried the marker test 2 times on all 3 positions. Every time the marker on the top burr doesnt come off at all or really minimally (almost not visible). I tried with 2 different markers. I made sure by wiping with my finger that the marker can come off easily. However, I can see at the bottom burr that some of the marker seems to rub off (around 25% of the bottom burr has marker residue, see attachment).

I wanted to know if my marker test would even work if the burrs were aligned correctly, so I took off the top burr from the burr holder and held it against he bottom burr and turned the screw on the bottom burr and the marker does come off when turning this way..
I would be greatful for any tips on how to proceed from here to align the grinder. Thank you!