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Kran wrote: The grind adjustment is similar but also different from the other Eureka grinders. The hard stop seems to be a function of the top of the threaded rod running out of thread. Actually a threaded cap that is attached to the rod that the adjuster screws on to. The way to see it is to remove the top plate and then screw on the adjuster until it bottoms out. You'll be able to better see how it the mechanism works.

On my grinder if I remove the rotating burr and then re-assemble everything I have 10.25 full rotations of the adjustment knob before it locks. At this point if I rotate the bottom burr carrier using my fingers to turn the bolt it slightly binds, I assume this is the wipers touching the upper plate.
Thanks for the insight. Yes, the hard stop is indeed caused by the bottom of the rod running out of thread, and not necessarily because of the grind size adjustment mechanism reached its limit.

I've came up with putting shims on the grind dial, and I can grind finer now, though not at the chirp point.

I've a picture of my grind size adjustment knob, it's an older generation than Khan's, so it probably is shorter.


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Hi all,
Great info - I was looking for 85mm Titanium / Red replacement burrs but I guess I'll have to go the 75mm route instead. Most days I'm just doing AP as I'm short on time but I also use an Elektra Microcasa Semiautomatica (1998 version) when I want more depth. It seems to be fairly forgiving on fines, etc.

I am a roaster (13 years - just closed my business) and got a great deal on the Drog. which was useful for customers wanting ground coffee. I'm hoping to get more blueberry out of my ethiopian if I switch the burrs.

Any other recommendations would be appreciated.

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Just an update on my MCD4 + aligned 75mm Mythos burrs after using it for a few months and being mostly satisfied.

Alignment of 75mm Mythos burrs:
Per not being able to grind fine enough, I indeed needed two 0.25mm shims for the 75mm's burrs, after which it can easily grind past burr touch. However, it was very hard to perfectly align both top and bottom burrs in planarity and position, since there's additional degree of freedoms in the screw position of the burr's mounting and top plate. In my experience, the marker test with hand-cranked rotations didn't give a good alignment at all despite close to full marker swipe (I believe I should've run the motor to chirp). Instead, I found that using a cheap 0.1mm dial indicator gave a pretty respectable alignment and it saves a lot of time with the marker test trial and errors. It's very annoying to screw and unscrew this hunky thing 5-10 times.

Zero retention:
When you open the top plate after grinding beans, the chamber would store a lot of ground around the outer edges because of distance between the sweep arms and the edge. After using post-it-notes/name-card taped to sweep arms, it helps sweep them. This is by far the easiest and most effective mod I've done to reduce retention, even more so than RDT or air puffer alone. The only caveat is tape it securely and avoid the tape dragging too much friction.
In addition, I also drilled away the metal slit in the chute, which was very intensive but it helped avoiding build up grounds at the chute. Now, my retention averages around around +-0.1g, even after switching between pour-over and espresso setting. The first shots after cleaning the grinder would have up to 0.4g retention.

Compared to the Atom 75, I'd say the MCD4+Mythos1 wins with no taste/workflow compromises as a single-dosing grinder.
But... if there's only a way I can fix the static and chaffs build up.