My work in progress Mazzer Robur doserless mod.

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A Mazzer Robur I am modding to be doserless. This thing is so quiet and quick :D

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That looks great. How does it work? How's retention?

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I've made some modifications to the wiring so it's pretty simple to use, just put the right amount of beans in the hopper, lift the tamp and the beans drop into the grinder, turn the machine on and turn off when you hear the beans are finished grinding...much like a Niche. The grounds do get static build up and tend to collect in the metal part of the spout, so I made the top removable so you can brush or blow it out. It's early days on getting numbers for retention, but its typically lower than 0.4 grams.


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How is this project coming along? I just picked up a Robur the other day and am looking at options for making it doserless. I can work out a model for the front plate (my printer is actually printing out the latest revision of my doserless mod for the Gaggia MDF), but life would be easier if I could just work from an existing model :D


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Looking good!
Can you share the STL or link to it?
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Looking at how the exit chute seems to come off the grind chamber at a tangent. It makes a lot of sense for getting a straight shot of the grinds sweeping out of the chamber. But that means they exit the faceplate at an oblique angle, and I was wondering how to best handle that in the printed exit funnel? Daniel Wong's Robur kit needed some modifications to handle the oblique exit angle of the grinds, and he says it won't be out for a couple of months.
I wonder if having the funnel off-center would be best for not obstructing the path of the grinds, and minimizing retention? it would look funny, but the Robur would already look kind of crazy on my countertop.


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It looks the goods. Just picked up a Robur second-hand today. If you would be willing to share/sell your design that would be awesome. There's nothing available off-the-shelf on the market at the moment.