My Levercraft Ultra grinder unboxing experience :)

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Hey guys!

At long last! I received the Ultra! Super excited and this is the first batch shipping with the travel case and the purge button.

I cannot give you my comments yet on the taste and usability. I've only had a few coffees with it. But I can show you the pictures and give my initial impressions on the product and packaging. Out of sheer laziness, for more pictures, I'll refer you to my blog - for the text readers I've copied my article here for convenience.

Now I didn't use to post my blog articles here but I started to after a few of my readers emailed me to suggest I do because the community here might find the content interesting. As I do every time I link to it, I want to leave this disclaimer, I am not compensated in any way shape or form for my blog, there are no ads, nothing to sell, no sponsored content, no sponsored links - everything is paid out of my pocket and I strictly do this for the hobby and sharing the passion. So if you want to read the article with pics, follow the link: ... ra-grinder

The Levercraft Ultra arrived packaged in a sturdy travel case, with a dense foam carved out precisely to host each components of the grinder. First thing that came to my mind as I picked it up from the DHL counter is: oh my god - that thing is heavy.

Unpacking this thing made me feel like a Christmas morning. Like unwrapping a bunch of gifts. Each compartment contains an accessory.
  • RDT Spray Bottle
  • WDT tool
  • Brush
  • Funnel
  • Clever dosing cup which acts as a puffer and a release tool
The quality of these accessories feels premium. Especially the WDT tool, it doesn't look special but believe me, the feeling of this thing when you run it through your ground coffee is quite amazing. It's a lot better than any improvised or purchased WDT tool I've ever used. By the way, I'm not the only one saying this. Pretty much every review I've seen on the Ultra praises the incredible feel of this tool. Definitely 1000% worth it.

The dosing cup / puffer is also really nice and quite clever. I just wish it was a tiny bit bigger. 19 grams of coffee fills it entirely so I have to use another dosing cup to do my RDT. But definitely a great accessory.

Now onto the Grinder itself. When you lift the travel case you're not too sure what part of it is the heavy one. Is it the servo motor controller? Is it the grinder itself? Is it both? Let me end the suspense right here right now. It's the grinder.

It's heavy. It's dense. It feels sturdy. It feels premium as it should given the price tag. That being said, you get a lot for your money here. A LOT more than any other grinder in this price point and even more than pricier grinders. So Kudos to Levercraft for offering so much quality and accessories at this price point.

The craftsmanship and quality of the grinder exceeded my expectations. The red anodizing job on the top plate is stunning. The black plates are really nice too, with a bit of metallic shine to it which is really beautiful. You can see it well on the first picture with the serial number on the blog.

I was a bit worried that the portafilter holder would be flimsy, it's actually much thicker and more solid than it looks on the pictures. I was also worried about the look of the lines on the motor but turns out to look pretty cool in my opinion. Overall, the look and feel of the grinder is a lot better than I expected.

On the less appealing side of things, there are definitely a lot of cables in the back end of this thing. 4 to be precise.
  • 1 connecting the servo controller to the outlet.
  • 2 connecting the servo controller to the grinder (the plugs are very nice and sturdy)
  • 1 connecting the servo controller to the control box
Let's be honest here, if you are OCD on cable management, this might not be the grinder for you, or you might want to have solid plans to manage those cables. When left unmanaged, it looks quite messy.

I am definitely a little crazy when it comes to cable management, I don't mind a lot of cables but I like to keep things neat and organized. In the case of the Ultra, I plan to drilling a hole on my countertop for the wires and leave the servo controller underneath. For those who don't have that space available and need to leave everything on the counter, there is a nice touch to the servo controller box which has a red anodized plate in the front.

Now let's talk about the controller itself. When I ordered the Ultra, this thing was not part of the package. It was actually a remote controller with the speed on the servo controller box. While this thing adds some wires to the whole package, I am really happy they brought this instead.

This grinder batch was also the first one to have a purge button, which increases the RPM to the max as you press it to clean the grinding chamber. It works really well, there is definitely more grind coming out when you purge it.

I will be using the grinder for a few more weeks before posting an in-depth review. So far I can only comment on the build and packaging quality. I wasn't sure what to expect and while it definitely has a "crazy scientist's lab" feel to this grinder, I quite like it. After all, anyone who steps into my condo and look at my coffee corner think I'm a crazy mad scientist anyways, so let's assume it.

Overall, I would say that the quality of the packaging and the construction is over my expectations... Stay tuned for the review.
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#2: Post by Pizzaandspro »

Just pre ordered mine today. It's going to be a looooong wait..... :cry:


#3: Post by zero610 »

Thanks for the great write-up. Isn't there a way to store all that extra cabling in one of the boxes (servo controller)?

Porcupine (original poster)
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#4: Post by Porcupine (original poster) » replying to zero610 »

Hey! Thanks sir ! The servo controller box is actually
Pretty small, about 4x8x8", and you can't open it. So the only way to manage the cables is with good ol'zip ties or cable management system. The cables are pretty big and sturdy too, it's good for durability but makes it harder to bend and contain.
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#5: Post by 111a111sk »

The external power supplies discouraged me from both Levercraft and Titus. I really don't understand why is it a problem to integrate in one bigger chassis.
But 98mm blind burrs are quite a rarity.


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Looks fantastic. But i need an integrated grinder, i cant deal with several boxes and cables.

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#7: Post by MB »

Mine just arrived today. I got it dialed in quickly and the results with the first bean I tried were a little nice surprise. Instantly sweeter than before and more strawberry flavor. Even though coming from a Niche that I've been happy with, I was hoping for something to make the purchase worthwhile. I was expecting a small increment, something along the lines of diminishing returns. Instead I got a little wow. It's only day one, but the bean I tried I've been using for a while and never got a cup like this.

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