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LBIespresso wrote:I'm still torn abut which to buy, C40 or ZP6
I don't have experience with the commandante, but I recently was in the same boat and went with the ZP6 because of the external adjustment ring - the C40 adjustment seems incredibly annoying - and some anecdotes from the ZP6 thread. So far I'm very, very happy with it for my v60 brews.


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If you're not planning to change grind settings to suit different types of coffee/brew methods then I think there's nothing wrong with the grind adjustment of the C40.
I like the C40 so much that I went with a second so I'll have one dedicated for pour over duty and another for espresso duty.
Yes, some grinders like the ZP6 have more convenient ways of grind adjustment but I'm not so sure If I'd like to change 2-3 times every day with that one either.
I start the day with espresso, often have a poor over a few hours later or after lunch and finish with at least one espresso after diner. I'd prefer to have dedicated grinders for that in any case.

I've made the best tasting espressos I've ever had with my C40 and the same goes for pour over V60.
I have no other high end hand grinders to compare it with but the grind quality and taste in the cup make a C40 a winner to me. The C40 is not the fastest grinder neither but as long as I grind faster than the water boils I couldn't care less. Grinding coffee has become sort of a ritual that I've come to appreciate.
Only thing I'm now doubting is the C60... my second C40 hasn't shipped yet and I'm hoping to get some info on the upcoming C60. If this one is supposed to be a decent upgrade over the C40 I might cancel my order and wait until the C60 comes out. Hope they'll reply to my email soon.


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BSdV wrote:Yes, some grinders like the ZP6 have more convenient ways of grind adjustment but I'm not so sure If I'd like to change 2-3 times every day with that one either.
It takes a few seconds and retention is low enough that there's no impact in the cup as far as I can tell. Really no effort, but I guess one might sometimes forget to change the setting :wink:

Either way, the C60 looks like a step up in quality from C40, doing away with plastic and perhaps a different concept for alignment? I've read Comandante claim that smaller burrs perform better for pour over, so perhaps it's intended more for espresso duty.

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jbviau wrote:^^^ I would not recommend being so dismissive of the reddit thread, which is pretty comprehensive: ... omandante/
Thanks. That is indeed a lengthy thread packed with conjecture, opinion, implied "facts" along with some actual details and facts. So, again, thank you for pointing it out. I get a little bit better picture and it does make it look like Commandante is employing some icky tactics. It doesn't however clarify what is actually going on and what their motivation is. Their silence might be because they are reprehensible OR it more likely is because they are involved in a lawsuit and any lawyer would advise them not to say anything the other side could use...and that would be nearly anything that they say.

So, for me, I am not ready to pass judgement and avoid them even if it looks like that may end up being the case.

I am still more interested in hearing honest comparisons between the C40 and the ZP6 from at least a few people that have been around here a while. And to be perfectly honest, I hope the ZP6 ends up being the better grinder but I will be patient and let the dust settle.
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And I am not dismissive of the reviews by those that haven't been here long at all! They are helpful and appreciated! They just carry less weight for me than reviews by people that I "know" around here.
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What is shady when it comes to Comandante? That they don't make the grinder the way some people like to see?

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Hi again folks: This is home-barista, not home-patent/intellectual property.

The primary protected design elements are the bent shape of the handle rod, taken together with the shape of the knob. Arguing whether those design elements should have legal protection, etc., is best done on some other forum, and not here, please.

As this is the second time this topic has come up for discussion, this thread is on a short cool-down.
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