My end-game portable grinder

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#1: Post by foreclosurecat »

Originally shared this in the Espresso Machine forum and wanted to split it off over here since it's more appropriate. To recap, it's my homemade Mazzer 58mm burr battery powered grinder for camping. It grinds all the way from Turkish to coarse using the stepless scale inspired by the Kafatek.

As a side question, I'm wondering if there's enough demand for something like this. I have zero desire to manufacture this on any scale but am willing to help get this out into the community. Would people be willing to assemble this themselves if it came in pieces or a kit? The price is not for the frugal-minded since this thing probably cost me over $350 in raw parts and materials.


#2: Post by syc »

Super cool, makes me feel bad for not wanting to design and print a different 3D printed housing for my Gaggia MDF :lol: