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beanpod wrote:It's a NEOUZA brand. I'm a relative beginner and have a breville dual boiler, so the NEOUZA fits that machine.
It also allows me to use a dose ring to manage a higher dose.
Have you tried using the stock Breville portafilter or the Eureka Dosing Funnel that now comes with the Mignon Libra?


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I did try the breville one and it was ok, but had some errors. I don't think the scale likes imbalance
Unfortunately, we in Australia don't warrant receiving the Eureka dosing funnel that the rest of the world apparently receive. It's not included by any retailer in the country for some bizarre reason. Yet they leave the empty rectangular spot in the packing that the funnel would occupy if we weren't inferior customers, just to tease us. Hence the larger one you see in the image I attached in my last post.
I have ordered another dosing funnel that is not quite so bulky through amazon, but as I said, now that I've got a flat base for the bottomless (which is much lighter than the breville PF), I'm having no further problems with error messages.


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I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get a dosing funnel with your initial purchase. I don't think early units were shipped with it included, but now some distributors (Clive Coffee) offer it for "free" with the purchase of the Libra grinder.

The Eureka dosing funnel has completely vertical sidewalls. I think this ensures equal load distribution and obviously a cleaner workspace. It looks like your dosing funnel has a very "wide" mouth and could cause uneven weight distribution on the load cell forks.

Prior to gluing the silicon pad to your machine, did you try recalibrating your scale? I'm wondering if lighter (wood handled) bottomless portafilters are throwing off the scales calibration...


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Greetings MizraAsh,
Thank you for your apparent interest. However, I'm getting a sense from your responses that you are an apologist for Eureka (and perhaps other brands, with perhaps a vested interest). Sincere apologies if I am incorrect.
I posted my original response to offer a suggestion to a problem that others have commented on.
I think it better to no longer contribute to this forum.
I wish you well.


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Apology accepted.

I have a Libra and am trying to figure out what the common ground is between other owners that are experiencing issues. Isn't the whole point of an enthusiast community to share experiences and feedback?

This is the only thread on HB about the Libra, if you want to stop the healthy discussion...that's fine. I just don't think you should have to glue silicone pieces to a $800 grinder to get it to work correctly. I was offering ideas on how to potentially fix the actual issue and not put a (silicone) bandaid on it.


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I too have the Libra, and am on the verge of returning due to endless FH errors.
I have a 54mm bottomless portafilter, and can sometimes get it to work with a dosing funnel, but not consistently.

Has anything worked for you?

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I was very undecided. Happy I chose the Specialità.
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I chose the Libra over the Specialita because I thought the portafilter holder looked more robust and less flimsy. It's ironically my one complaint about the Libra, the portafilter never feels fully secure or locked into the holder with the Eureka supplied dosing ring.

I'm using a very heavy portafilter, ECM bottomless. This seems to remedy most of the "wandering" my St Anthony Industries bottomless walnut portafilter did. A traditional portafilter (not bottomless) seems to work the best.

I was between the Libra and the Mahlkonig X54. Does anyone know if the Mahlkonig's portafilter holder feels solid?


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I bought the Libra to dose directly into a portafilter. I prefer that workflow to a dosing cup, personal preference. I have not tried a dosing cup.

What style of portafilter are you using? Bottomless? What material is the handle made of?