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Busski wrote:I Just received my libra from Clive coffee this morning and am having similar issues with the filter holder "FH" error message on my Clive coffee 53mm bottomless portafilter used on my mini Vivaldi II.

If I adjust with a little more space for the portafilter in the filter holder, it will start grinding, but as the PF is not level it causes grind waste out the sides and the weight measurement is highly inconsistent (12-20g (measured with a separate scale) on an 18g set dose.

I've also tried with the original single and double portafilters that came with the mini Vivaldi and have gotten the FH message intermittently.

Using the included dosing funnel is not an option as it comes with a 58mm funnel that doesn't work with the 53mm PF.

Overall, Quite frustrating as I purchased from Clive and they have historically been great about testing and validating equipment they sell.
So what did you end up doing with the grinder? Is it now a beautiful paper weight?

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Is the weight function the only difference between the Libra and the Specialita? In short, is the Libra=Specialita+weight dosing?
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Espressofilo (original poster)

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Yes, I think so. Maybe some small details as the regulating knob are different, but the main features appear to be the same, as you can see from this table: ... affe-.html

Prices are without VAT so the luxury of having weight dosage rather than time dosage costs around €240.
If we assume a 30 years exercise with an average 2 coffees per day, that amounts to €0,016 per coffee, obviously much less with a higher usage, and as always YMMV.

My problem is whether the electronic of the weight mechanism will still be valid in 30 years. The rest of the grinder is probably "eternal", or such as to depass my personal expiry date.

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Thank you!
In the USA the difference between Specialita' and Libra currently is $100 for Chrome and $150 for all other colors, which I think it is not a lot for such a nice feature.
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MirzaAsh wrote:So what did you end up doing with the grinder? Is it now a beautiful paper weight?
It was returned. I spent 3 hours trying to get it to work correctly with three different portafilters, and it would not consistently grind by weight without errors.


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If counter space is an issue, then I suppose struggling daily with different grinds is your fate. I would throw in "if money is an issue", but no one purchasing a $600 grinder to accompany a $1400 espresso machine can plead poverty :mrgreen:

Counter space aside, I really cannot imagine why folks persist in struggling with this issue. A dedicated espresso grinder, along with another grinder dedicated to coarser coffee pursuits, is the way to go.

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mycatsnameisbernie wrote:... There are 3rd party knobs available on Etsy and other sources that fit over the stock knob, and can be positioned so that "0" is at true zero...
In my opinion Eureka should adopt these knobs as an available option, or even include them with each grinder.
I have the Specialità and making adjustments with the factory knob is ridiculously hard.
I purchased the one from Etsy. Perfect. The only thing is that I added some white paint to the the tip of the arrow just to make it more visible.

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Greetings Busski (and anyone else with this problem),
I just purchased a Libra and had similar problems with bottomless portafilter.
I solved it by butchering an old silicone egg flip and mounted it to the fork with a couple of double sided adhesive dots. For me, problem solved. I'm sure a more aesthetically pleasing option might be available, but .....
I also added a very thin slip of silicone to the back of the top arms as I noted the portafilter was scratching the surface.
Hope this helps.


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beanpod - which bottomless portafilter are you using?


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It's a NEOUZA brand. I'm a relative beginner and have a breville dual boiler, so the NEOUZA fits that machine.
It also allows me to use a dose ring to manage a higher dose.