Motorized HG-1 with various speed

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Hi everyone,

Bought a HG-1 early this year and have been working on how to motorize it. Here it is after few months working and it is really close to what I want and what I want it to look like.

Added two holders to hold the motor in the case with real time rpm display and changeable speed from 15rpm to 80rpm. Easy to install and no any damage or change the factory alignment during installation.

Recently see a topic in socraticcoffee investigating relationship of rpm on ground distribution. Seems like changing rpm can be one of the playable parameter in making espresso, will try to do some simple test in the future as I don't have those equipment to test it in professional way, and the range of my machine now is a bit narrow from 15 to 80rpm. But I think as HG-1 is designed for hand grinding so even in the future I will at most slightly increase the range up to 100rpm or 120rpm. Now I mainly stick to 40 to 50rpm when making espresso and everything just looks so great!

Just to share how lovely it is, now it is with 120w motor, in 220v providing constant torque on any rpm.

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Freddy Camacho

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Nice...looks awesome.
Such timely post...any step by step pics?
I plan to start tinkering on my 2018 hg1 later this year.

wug2grinder (original poster)

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Thanks! It really looks cool and works impressively.
Haven't taken any photos during installation, and most of them are solidworks drawing. Have to find a machine shop to make the case and motor holders, and also sourcing all these components are easy in China. Install is easy in my system, later on may work on some 110v for those in Taiwan who are interested and they can easily install by themselves.


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This looks great!!
Can you post details on how to do something similar? Schematics? Parts?
I have been planning on starting motorizing my HG-1 - your final product seems awesome.


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wow that looks really clean. Would love to see the design/installation process that went to make this motorized!


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Wow! There have been a number of approaches to motorizing HG-1's. This is top shelf. Congratulations.

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Wow! That looks great!
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wug2grinder (original poster)

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Two more machines for those interested from Taiwan. Later on will share the installation video, which I believe everyone can convert it by himself in an hour.

Personally i think powder coated black looks better, but silver coloure is also possible as shown.


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roughly what was the material cost for this?


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Hi Daniel,
Impressive conversion!

Are you able to post some clips of it in action at various speeds?