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My monolith just quit on me this morning. Was desperate and got beans from Trader Joe's - and it jammed the grinder. I removed the beans and was able to restart it but then it didn't turn on again. Checked the power cord and outlet of course and replaced the switch. Denis told me a while back that the motor has thermal protection so it wouldn't be the motor. I guess I need to trace back all of the wires but didn't see anything loose.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

I've emailed Denis in the interim. In the meantime just going to have my local shop grind the beans until I can get this fixed. Photo of replaced switch below.

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Mad Scientist

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Is that a conical or flat? Why was the switch replaced?
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Have you tried replacing the fuse? There is a backup fuse in a small compartment where the power cord plugs in.

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Thanks for the suggestion- wasn't thinking straight without coffee :(

Is this something I can purchase locally ?

Looks like a standard fuse

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It's a conical

I replaced the switch because I thought that was the issue and I had an extra one.


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The manual Denis emails with the grinder test report has instructions on how to replace the fuse. I've never had to do it, but I believe he includes an extra fuse in that compartment near the plug outlet, so you might not have to purchase one. Your photo shows two fuses. Is one of them a blown fuse and the other the backup?

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Yeah one is blown and the other is good

But forgot the position of the good one -

I didn't get an instruction manual - my grinder is older circa 2015 /2016.

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BaristaBoy E61

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There is only 1-active position for the fuse. The other is without electrical contacts probably and is just a compartmental place holder. Looks like the burn fuse is either a 2amp or 2.5amp fast blow.
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Well, in one position it will work and the other it won't, so you'll know in a maximum of 2 tries. If like mine, yours has a drawer with 2 fuses, the back is the one that's used and the front one is a spare.


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Yes this is the same configuration

Thanks so much