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#141: Post by Fidget »

wai2cool4u wrote:only 3 members on this thread indicated that they were able to get one. surprised there weren't more given 50 available.
With so many disappointed that they didn't get one, most who did probably don't want to be misunderstood as gloating.
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#142: Post by Mrbiglzwerth »

.... I think that the practical guess is that once you are at a fairly high level of grinder, paying a lot of care and attention to dialling in the shots and dosing and distributing correctly probably exerts a greater influence on what you get in the cup than differences between grinders. This is great news for readers of this site for whom something like an EK43 is a big expense - which is most people, I would think! It is also great news for people who have expensive grinders and aren't happy with the results they are getting - obsessive attention to detail might improve things
This comment is really spot on. I have a Monolith Conical (not a Max but had zero issues purchasing on the site) and consistency is still an issue because I suck at dialing in.

Single dosing does kick ass though.

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#143: Post by ChrisAndrew »

i really suggest using PayPal for the lottery and don't add any options to the grinder just get it in the cart and hit pay by PayPal.
Worked for me twice out of 4 times trying over the last 2 years, also lucky as my ISP is near Seattle.
I have scored a Conical and a Max so can be done and not gloating just trying to help out.

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#144: Post by akirapuff »

around when is the next preorder?


#145: Post by V4rley » replying to akirapuff »

In September


#146: Post by _DSCH_ »

so what's everybody up to?


#147: Post by Revrev102 »

Snagged one, when I refreshed it was gone. Sold out 1:01


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Fun fact: if you maniacally refresh enough, shopify will bLoCk YoUr Ip aDdReSs for "several minutes" which is a fun thing to find out 20 seconds before orders go live. Thank god I could fire up a VPN and reconnect in time to snag one.


#149: Post by AndyinTexas »

Is it over? No luck for me despite trying to 23 minutes.


#150: Post by _DSCH_ » replying to AndyinTexas »

Yeah, Maxs were gone in around a minute. Flats held out for 3 or 4 minutes after the hour.