Monolith Flat MAX - Sept-Oct '19 Production Run

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Devin H

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Now that the elation/frustration over the lottery has subsided, I figured I'd start a thread for those who were fortunate enough to snag a spot to share experiences over the next several months leading up to and after delivery.

As one of the lucky few, the only upgrade I snagged was the white LED as opposed to the standard green. Since the grinder is black/silver, I decided to keep with the monochrome vibe and go white (though blue was tempting).


#2: Post by seeds »

I'm torn between the red and black top plate. I'm pairing it with a white LMLM. I like the look of the black, but think the red plate might match my espresso machine better. I also got the zebra wood cap and might ask if I can swap it for the padauk. Also probably going to request the white LED pair with the LMLM. I'm glad I saw your post mentioning it.

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#3: Post by johnny4lsu »

2 of 50

Where are the other 48 miracles? :lol:


#4: Post by arang »

All black with red plate would be my choice!

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#5: Post by mivanitsky » replying to arang »

That's generally my choice.


#6: Post by arang »

mivanitsky wrote:That's generally my choice.
Great taste! :D


#7: Post by guydebord »

mivanitsky wrote:That's generally my choice.

Do you use the Niche? And for what scenario? With those two, I would never touch it....
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#8: Post by mivanitsky »

I borrowed it to test. It is not mine. It's actually a very nice grinder. I think it's the best single dosing motorized grinder you can get for less than $1000. I like it a lot. I'd buy it as a large travel grinder to pair with Robot, if I were not already well served by Helor Flux and Kinu M47 for this. Everyone who can't score a Monolith Conical in timely fashion, or who won't/can't/shouldn't spend that amount should seriously consider Niche Zero.

I really need to write up my very positive experience with it in the Niche thread.


#9: Post by Bleek »

Keeping the black top plate and silver motor, upgraded to black body/exit chute with Zebra wood caps and a white LED. I was tempted to go all black but figured a bit of contrast would go well with my setup 8)


#10: Post by Iowa_Boy »

I am really fortunate that I was able to order a MAX. I am also debating whether to do the red or black top plate. I currently left the top plate stock black. I really like the all black with red top plate shown above, but it's hard to justify the incremental upgrade cost at this point. I have an MC3 arriving in a few weeks which is matching stock colors, so I wonder if a contrasting red plate will look odd. In any case, really excited to begin using them out once they arrive!